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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Magic of Dooros

I've been a lover of paranormal stories and creatures for as long as I can remember. But just what is the appeal of shifters? Is it the animalistic nature, or strength, or just the ability to look unassuming one minute and go all were-beast the next? How many times do we wish we were faster or stronger?
One of the main things for me is the sense of belonging, of pack, and of family that usually goes with shifter stories. That it's what's beneath the surface that creates unbreakable bonds and makes families, not just blood.
'The Magic of Dooros' is my latest release to include shifters. This book also contains elements of fantasy, with Fae, giants, and a black witch. I like to blend aspects of paranormal and fantasy when writing.
In the book, you won't find the usual lions, tigers or bears, oh my! My shifters are a little bit different.
Some readers don't like what's been coined 'insta-love', but for me, when I read or write about shifters, as well as other paranormal and fantasy creatures, I find that the soul-deep knowledge of one's destined mate at the time of meeting is part and parcel of this world. This then leads to the compunction to protect, even against all the odds, a bonded mate.
In 'Dooros', the two older brothers, Turlough of the Fae and Niall each have a desire to look after their younger siblings. Each is on a quest that comes as a consequence of wanting to protect their brothers.
Despite finding they are mates, and falling in love, neither is willing to deviate from their individual quest. They can't and won't indulge in their own happiness until their quests are complete.
Colm is Niall's brother. He's a prisoner of the man who murdered his and Niall's father and usurped their kingdom. He's also under a curse by the usurper's daughter, who is a black witch and capable of shifting.
My main shifter is Enda, who loves Colm in spite of his cursed appearance. Although Niall is trying to rescue Colm, it's Enda who's seeking a way to break the curse. He has the support of his family who are all willing to help.

When Turlough of the Fae takes on a quest in place of his brother, he doesn't expect to meet his soul mate. Especially a human on a quest of his own.
Niall seeks to find and rescue his cursed and imprisoned brother Colm, and regain their kingdom from a usurper king. Instead he finds love.
Each must complete their quest before they are able to be free to love.
But to save Colm, Niall must also defeat Princess Fiona, the black witch, in her most deadliest form.

Pausing for a moment from cleaning out a stable Enda looked around the courtyard. From here he could see the door that led to the kitchens at the back of the palace. He glanced up at the sun.  This time of day Colm would come with a basket of bread, cheese, and apples for the stable hands.
Enda had secured the job just to get close to Colm. He’d been told by some of the older servants that Colm was under a curse of Princess Fiona. That when she and her father had killed Colm’s father and taken control of the palace, she’d been so consumed with jealousy at the sight of the beautiful, young prince she’d instantly called down a curse.
Now Colm’s body was twisted, his left leg dragged, and his left hand was a gnarled claw. But she’d reserved the worst for his face. The left side drooped heavily, dragging down his eye, and his lips on that side were purple and bulbous. He’d then been put to work in the kitchens.
Yet none of that mattered to Enda. He knew how kind and beautiful a soul Colm possessed, and loved him. But he had a secret as yet unrevealed to Colm. Getting time together and alone was very difficult. He’d worked at the palace for a few weeks now, and the call of his home was growing. He wanted to go to the forest, and be with his family, but needed to speak to Colm.
Thankfully, the palace servants all loved the young man, despite his cursed appearance. At least Colm wasn’t tormented. Not by those who’d served him and his family. Movement caught his eye, and he hurried over to help Colm with the basket. The lop-sided grin from Colm warmed his heart. He took the basket as the sounds of hoof beats on stone rang out.
A group of four riders came through the courtyard, headed by a woman on a white horse. Princess Fiona considered herself the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, but when Enda looked at her she was cold, frigid, devoid of anything warm or human. Her skin was as pale as snow, her eyes were like chips of ice, and she wore her silver-blond hair in a long braid down her back.
Enda pressed himself against the wall. To be seen openly helping Colm was to incur her wrath, and her black magic. Enda glowered at her, hidden from her gaze, as she laughed shrilly and pointed at Colm.
"Have you ever seen anything so disgustingly ugly?"

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