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Monday, August 4, 2014

Let's welcome a Silver survivor

Out of the Box. As an aromantic asexual, not many people get to be out of the box as far as I am. I’m not here to promote my romantic and sexual disinterest, though. I’m here to talk about two of my books that were out with Silver Publishing until… well. We know how that ends. In fairy tale speak, this is the dark middle of my publishing saga.

The first of my books is The Silver Solution. I imagine everyone at some point has to do their take on a fairy tale, and this is mine. My muse seems to make a mission to look at the familiar in a different light, and Little Red Riding Hood is certainly familiar to readers in folklore and modern romance. But I did my research, and decided to twist the tale by making it from the perspective of the woodsman. Woodsman? There’s a woodsman in the folklore? Yes, it’s the guy that chops the wolf in half to let the grandma and granddaughter out. How shocking that the protagonists have to rely on a random stranger walking by to save them from a situation! Thankfully, my characters are more active than that.

The Silver Solution tells the story from Ralph, the man who is a werewolf but doesn’t want to be. He lives on the edge of the estate owned by his employers – the very rich and influential Hudsons. Quite idyllic, you may think. Only Mr Hudson lost his mother to a werewolf attack, and he’s using his pharmaceutical company to put silver in the water supply, effectively mass murdering all werewolves. Added to this, Mr Hudson’s son, Russell, has a compulsory college trip to the forest outside the estate. Understandably, Russell has led a sheltered life under his father’s grief and need to control nature. Noticing an affinity between his son and the gardener, Mr Hudson decides Ralph should prepare Russell for the camping trip.

Under normal circumstances, Ralph would be delighted to have an excuse to spent time with Russell, for whom he has growing romantic and sexual feelings, and is finally the legal age for both. However, Ralph’s friend and sex buddy Conan taunts him for prioritising his affections. It’s made worse when Ralph finds out Conan is leading the camping trip, and it’s scheduled for a full moon. Can Ralph keep his feelings under control in the wild to ensure the one he loves is safe? Will his friendship with Conan ever be the same again?

How exciting! Ahem.

Onto a passion of mine, and my second book – The Photographer’s Closet. Cosplay! Steampunk cosplay!

My paranoia about the BBC knocking on my door in the small hours if I wrote about Doctor Who cosplay was too great to write about what I really do (sweat, mostly, especially in my most recent build of Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon 2). I decided to invent a long running steampunk TV show called Yesterday’s Tomorrow. This is probably a story in its own merit, but my (not so) inner geek insisted that I write about the fans, and how these shows bring people together, young and old.

I wondered what was the weirdest personal advert in a magazine would be, and I stumbled across a university student looking for cosplayers to photograph as part of their final year exhibition. This is how Pat meets Derek. Pat is a student that’s been told he needs men to photograph (it’s a hard life, I know). Derek is a professional look-a-like who wants photos to promote his business. A perfect match, but more luck than design. It was Derek’s cosplay partner and long term crush who was supposed to be Pat’s subject, but a romance with an ultimatum whisks him away from cosplay and to foreign shores. It leaves Derek to pick up the pieces of a love that was static and a photographer on an impending deadline.

At first Derek is thrown by the artificial settings of a university photography studio. His strengths are interacting with people, not cameras, and being in control. What else is there to be when you’re dressed as a vigilante fighting-for-the-commoners Victorian aristocrat with a long white coat and metal wings? Pat is suitably impressed with the wings, and Derek fears Pat only wants him for his character, and not for the man beneath the outfit.

Thank you for your time. If you can give a happily ever after to either of my titles please get in touch.
 I am now going to resume my English self-deprecation gene.

About the Author

D.T. Dragon is an eccentrically English cat slave who lives under castle ruins in the Midlands. A supporter of diversity – they drink both tea and coffee, have equal ability in environmental science and photography, and alternate between a long hero coat and belly dance outfits – it is no surprise their muse is a great believer in the unlikely coming together. They would probably get more written if their muse realised it’s fiction and not faction.

Twitter: @drtempledragon

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