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Monday, September 29, 2014

Wrap it up with pirates!

Hello followers of Guys Like Romance, Too!
Jaxx Steele is here again wrapping up the history month with my book, A Day on Plunderer’s Pride. I have always loved pirates. They are tough men hardened by their choices they’ve made in life. Pirates think men should “act like men”. To them that means you know how to handle your drink and you know how to fight. Sometimes you fight for the joy of fighting, other imes to defend yourself and what's yours. They also have a specific code of conduct that may be a little different from the average man. “If they want your stuff they’re going to take unless you’re man enough to stop them.”  I love that! You want to be on top of your game, invites pirates to your shindigs. *wink* LOL

My love for theses sea hardened men goes back a long way when I saw the classic, The Buccaneer with Yul Brenner. I was hooked. Here I was, a catholic boy of nine years working hard to be the good boy my parents craved and I find out you can be an upstanding handsome man and still be a pirate! I was all for that! After the movie I asked my aunt how can I make that happen and had my feelings hurt. With a giggle she informed me pirates didn’t exist and no grows up to be a pirate. Though my dreams of being a pirate was crushed the reality that I could never be one did stop me from loving them. Some of my favorites are Blackbeard the Pirate, Cuthroat Island, Pirates of the Caribbean (only the first one, they got kinda stupid after that) even the Muppets Treasure Island was well done and I loved it! I can’t count how many pirate movies I’ve seen but I can say this, as I got older I noticed there was no one like me in them.

I figured it was time that I showed my love for these sea hardened rouges and write a story where pirates could be pirates and love men, too.

"A pirate’s life is for me!"
Life is hard, but worthwhile on the pirate ship Plunderer's Pride. Follow Captain Julian Hazard and his band of ruffians as they go about their daily business. As you endure their daily struggles and nightly rewards you may find that a pirate's life may be for you, too.
“Brighton, where be the captain?”
“He had gone to his cabin some time ago, sir.”
Nigel nodded and continued in that direction. He pounded on the door when he arrived.
“Who is it?” came the impatient reply. “
’Tis Nigel, sir.”
A disappointed groan preceded a reluctant command. “Come!”
Nigel opened the door to find the captain sitting on his bunk with one of the captors on his knees before him. The prisoner was naked. His torso, darkened by the sun’s rays, was stark against the paleness of his ass. His hands were tied behind his back as he sat on his haunches. Captain Hazard had a handful of his long sandy hair as it lay across his exposed thighs. He used it to move the man’s head up and down as he swallowed the captain’s erect penis. The erotic sight did not deter Nigel at all. He stood silently by the door enjoying the slurping sounds of someone having their cock sucked. The captain’s shirt lay loosed from his britches and opened. His rosy nipples were visible and rigid. The sun bleached blond hair on his head was parted down the middle. It fell away from his face to rest on his shoulders as his head hung back. A look of obvious pleasure lit up his handsome features.
Nigel’s staff throbbed achingly in reaction to the scene.
“Speak, Nigel,” the captain ordered breathily, breaking Nigel’s trance.
“I have a message, Cap’n.”
Captain Hazard muffled a groan. “Can’t it wait?”
“It’s from the governor.”
For the first time Julian Hazard looked at his quartermaster. His bright blue eyes, although still filled with lust, glared at him questioningly.
“You speak the truth?”
“Aye, Cap’n.”
Captain Hazard yanked on the man’s head, pulling him away from his crotch. “Take him back to his mates while I read the message.”
Nigel was slow to comply, reluctant to tear his eyes away from his leader’s impressive shaft. Its blood-filled tip was like a beacon calling to him. It remained swollen from the other man’s attentions, resting against the tight muscles of his belly. Nigel’s sphincter clenched involuntarily as he remembered how good the captain’s pole felt inside of him. Pushing his lust to the side, he handed his captain the parchment and then pulled the bound man from the floor, walking him out the door.
Outside of the captain’s cabin, Nigel delayed his orders, turning in the opposite direction of the brig. His large body overpowered the long, lanky frame of the prisoner as he manhandled him into a dark corner.
“Has the captain had your ass yet, scurvy dog?” Nigel growled at the side of his face.
“Aye, sir, he has, many times during this day, the last only just before you came,” the man confessed, his face pressed against the rough planks of the wall.
“Aye, that sits well with me for that means it is my turn.”
Nigel loosened the slip knot that bound the man’s wrists behind his back. He removed his hand and then turned him about, only to retie them in front of him. Returning the captive’s face to the partition, Nigel tugged on the strings that kept his breeches around his waist. The weather worn material fell away from him to hang around his knees, stopped by his long socks. With an elbow in the man’s back to hold him in place, Nigel used his other hand to explore the hole between his cheeks. The man gasped loudly from the abrupt invasion of Nigel’s thick finger.
“Aye,” he grumbled. “Indeed you speak the truth. Your ass still drips with his seed,” Nigel added lustfully, more to himself than to his companion.
He slid the wide digit in and out of the slickened passage until the man pushed back, accepting each thrust. With a swift movement, Nigel removed his finger and replaced it with his shaft burying his cock to the base. Instantly his senses were set ablaze. Nigel groaned aloud. The passage was well used. It swallowed his staff without difficulty. Knowing that it was his captain’s come that greased his way made fucking the man that much more enjoyable. It was not the first time he had fucked someone behind his captain.
They had shared many men on board the ship, captives and crew, on many occasions. Nigel enjoyed sharing men with his handsome captain almost as much as he loved the taste of him, but since he could not savor Captain Hazard at the moment he would be content knowing their seeds would mingle in their prisoner’s ass. He pumped urgently into the hole before him, smiling at the memory. The man parted his legs and arched his back to better accommodate Nigel’s earnest thrusts. A shudder passed over Nigel’s body, leaving goose bumps in its wake. The usual creaking noises the ship made as it swayed back and forth in the docks were not as loud as it would have been had they been at sea.
The animalistic sounds Nigel made as he fucked his conquest easily drowned them out. Suddenly, he gripped a handful of the man’s hair, jerking his head back, making him gasp. Nigel’s eruption rose in his balls. He continued to pound into the sweet tunnel. The man grunted as Nigel flattened him to the wall with his prowess. His sac drew up tight and a moment later, accompanied by Nigel’s drawn out “oh,” they shot his load deep into the slickened passage to merge with his captain’s leftover sperm. A satisfied grin spread across his face at the thought. His cock remained stuffed deep inside the prisoner until his nuts were drained and his spent rod retreated on its own accord. When Nigel finally stepped back he gave the man’s ass a crisp smack.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Blog tour: Welcome Jacob Z. Flores

Hello everyone!
Carson here to let you know we taking a quick pause to allow a touring author to stop by and share his work. Please welcome the talented...Jacob Z Flores!

Hi, everyone. 
My name is Jacob Z. Flores, and I’m thrilled to be back here at Guys Like Romance, Too. So why am I here today?

Well, I’m here to promote Being True, my latest release from Dreamspinner. This book is a sweet coming of age romance between Tru Cobbler, the awkward new kid, and Javi Castillo, the hot, popular jock with a kind heart.

When I finished up my Provincetown Series, I experienced a writing lull. I’d ridden my muse pretty hard for those four books, and he was kaput. He refused to come out and play. He just grabbed an ice pack, placed it over his crotch, and sat in front of the TV. Nothing I did got his attention. He had tuned me out completely. I tried offering him various plot bunnies, but he turned his nose at them and asked me to move out of the way of the television screen. I even tried alcohol and cookies, but that didn’t work either.

So for a good six months or so I had nothing. Until out of the blue, my mind turned to high school. Those weren’t exactly the best years of my life. That would be college. Now those four years were a blast! So why was I thinking about high school?

And then my mind drifted to my high school crush. Damn, he was fine. He was a jock with a nice body and probably the sweetest most sincere personality I’d ever met. He and I had become good friends, and we hung out a great deal. Nothing ever happened between us because he was straight, and at the time so was I. We both had girlfriends, and we even double dated a few times.

And then I remembered the night of my senior year of graduation. We went out to an after party along with the girls we were currently dating. The girls left to get more alcohol since he and I were not able to drive. For some reason, we ended up on a bed together. We were lying extremely close to each other and talking. He went on and on about what he was going to do to his gal, and he became aroused. He even showed me the tent in his shorts. To say I was speechless is an understatement.

I was young, inexperienced, and still in denial. I knew I wanted him, but I didn’t know what to do. I was also afraid of losing our friendship, so I did nothing.

And that’s when I started thinking about the “could’ve beens.” What would have happened if he was gay too? What could have been had I embraced who I was instead of running from it? Could I have outed myself in high school? How would the school have handled the gay dork I was and the popular jock that he was as a couple? How badly would we have rocked the foundation?

Those questions obviously intrigued my muse. His ears perked up, and he turned off the television. He grabbed me by my shoulders and said, “Let’s ride.” And what a ride it was! In one month, we wrote an 80k plus novel, and it was one of the best rides of my life.

And this story couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. In writing this story, I remembered a lesson I had forgotten over the years—being true to ourselves leads to happiness.

Before I head back to my part of the Internet, I want to thank everyone here at Guys Like Romance, Too, and the readers who joined me today.

For those interested, I have included a blurb and excerpt below. Additionally, as part of my blog tour I’m hosting a giveaway.

The Being True Giveaway Contest
All you have to do is leave a comment to this post, and your name is entered to win a Sony Nook!

Being True by Jacob Z. Flores
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: September 16, 2014

Truman L. Cobbler has not had an easy life. It’s bad enough people say he looks like Donkey from Shrek, but he’s also suffered the death of his policeman father and his mother’s remarriage to a professional swindler, who cost them everything. Now dirt poor, they live in the barrio of San Antonio, Texas. When Tru transfers to an inner-city high school halfway through his senior year, he meets Javi Castillo, a popular and hot high school jock. Javi takes an immediate liking to Tru, and the two become friends. The odd pairing, however, rocks the school and sets the cliquish social circles askew. No one knows how to act or what to think when Mr. Popular takes a stand for Mr. Donkey. Will the cliques rise up to maintain status quo and lead Tru and Javi to heartbreak and disaster or will being true to who they are rule the day?


“Sorry, I’m late,” the tardy hunk of lean muscle said as he exhaled a lungful of air out the corner of his lips. The sudden rush of air caused his dark locks to briefly flutter on his forehead before once again settling into perfect alignment. “But coach wanted to run a few things by me before practice this afternoon.”
Mr. Rodriguez’s snort told everyone he didn’t appreciate the tardiness. “Well, I will speak to Coach Moore about this, Mr. Castillo. That’s the second time this week.”
The young man shrugged in response to Mr. Rodriguez’s reprimand, as if being tardy was beyond his control and nothing to worry about. Had this guy ever worried about anything in his life? Most likely not. He was not only insanely good-looking, but he carried himself with a devil-may-care attitude that obviously swept up everyone in his proximity.
Mr. Rodriguez hadn’t interpreted his shrug as a discipline problem, and the class apparently thought he was the emperor of ice cream since they practically clung to his every word like eager little kids.
How did someone my own age pull that off so effortlessly? Hell, it had never occurred to me to shrug off a teacher’s comment before.
“You can take it up with him after class,” said Castillo. He pushed himself off the door upon which he’d been leaning and suddenly noticed me standing slack-jawed in the middle of the room. His eyes caught mine, which made my dick jump within its denim prison, and for the briefest of moments, time slowed to a standstill.
Gazing into his eyes was heavenly and momentous, like watching a comet streak through the night sky. It also unleashed a flurry of sparrows in my stomach, which decided to take flight at once, flapping their tiny wings with all their might. If they flapped any harder or faster, I’d likely soar above the classroom, which, even though that would be pretty darn cool, would probably just alienate me further from my classmates.
I wouldn’t be that cool kid who could fly. I’d be that weirdo who couldn’t keep his feet on the ground.
“New kid, huh?” he asked as he crossed over to me.
I nodded. What else could I do? My lips could only tremble, and I had to keep my cock from burrowing through the book to the other side.
“I’m Javi.” He extended his hand, and his lips broadened into a genuine smile. I’d been on the end of supposedly friendly greetings from popular kids before. They claimed to want to be my best friend and show me the ropes when all they were doing was setting me up for an embarrassing prank that every asshole in school played on the new students.
But I could tell that wasn’t what Javi was about. It wasn’t anything I could put my finger on. It was just sort of a feeling. You know the kind I’m talking about. It’s how you just know a random dog you spot on the street won’t bite you. That was the same gut feeling I had with Javi’s smile and his offered hand. They told me I could trust him implicitly.
“Truman,” I finally responded, and when I took his hand in mine, an electrical current coursed through my fingers, up my arm, spread through my chest, and down into my balls. “But friends call me Tru.”
I winced at my stupidity. Now that I’d made that little revelation, everyone would make certain to address me as Truman. No one wanted to be the new kid’s friend.
“Nice to meet you, Tru,” Javi said without missing a beat. He gave my hand a friendly squeeze before withdrawing. He spun around to the shocked looks on the other students’ faces. They couldn’t have been more dumbfounded than I was. Javi didn’t even acknowledge their collective horror. Either he didn’t see it or he didn’t care.

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