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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sexing up History

Thanks to Guys Like Romance Too for having me today. I’m honored to help celebrate Time to Learn Your History month on their site. In case you don’t know me I am a historical erotic romance author. My blog History in the Hot Lane tries to make history hot. That’s what I try to do in my writing, too.
Sometimes it is difficult. That is why a vivid imagination is sometimes necessary.
History has always been my favorite subject. But let’s face it most of the time history books can be pretty bland. There is a reason why people fall asleep in high school history class—the textbooks lack any entertainment value.
When I’m trying to come up with an idea for my next historical romance I pick up a history book and start reading for a time period and/or situation that strikes my fancy. When evaluating a historical account I ask myself would this make a good story if I sexted it up?
A housekeeper keeping a western brothel clean is not very sexy. If this housekeeper falls in love with a cowgirl who wanders up to the bar? No that’s sexy.
For Saltwater Lover I accomplished an amazing historical feat, well actually it was a feat of fiction, I made a slaving vessel sexy! The hold where the slaves are kept is not a very comfortable place, but the captain’s cabin is furnished with all the necessities including a comfortable bed. The next question was who would be sharing that bed with him? I tend to write GLBT so it had to be a tall, dark, and handsome man. With Captain Mather and Kojo it was lust at first sight…then they just had to act upon that attraction.


In 1800, Kojo is a native African with deep connections to the spirits—but those spirits choose not to save him from the slaving ship. He’s captured and taken aboard, where he meets Captain Mather. During the long journey to America, not even the spirits can save him from their growing attraction. Love blooms. A doomed love. For when they land, Kojo’s fate is to be sold.
Captain Mather can’t imagine Kojo being treated as a slave. Desperate to spare him from that life, the captain hides him, taking him to his home. When he’s blackmailed by a mutinous former crewmember, there seems little choice but to sell his ship and pay. Anything to save the man he loves.


Mather dipped a rag into the bucket of water and then approached Kojo slowly. He didn’t want to make any sudden moves. The man had a look about him like a confused animal and confused could be dangerous.
Searching his memory for the word for wash, Mather came up blank. If he couldn’t tell him he’d have to show him. He took the rag and washed his own face first. Then wetted the rag again and then pressed it on Kojo’s forehead, looking into his eyes, trying to gauge his emotion. The man tensed but didn’t move. His eyes seemed distant as if he was somewhere else.
Tenderly, he wiped the dirt and grime off Kojo’s face. “See it doesn’t hurt. I want to be your friend.” Kojo couldn’t understand him, but the tone of his voice was soft and soothing.
By the time he worked his way down Kojo’s neck to the plane of his chest, the man relaxed. His vision returned to focusing on a spot in the room, on what he didn’t know. Mather took extra time on his chest, tracing his muscles which had thinned to wiry ropes. He rubbed one of Kojo’s dusky nipples and the man sucked in air. He leaned into his touch, as though silently pleading for more. Mather continued playing with the nipple until it formed a stiff peak. He gave the other nipple the same attention before moving lower.Kojo blushed and Mather bit his tongue to hold back a chuckle. He wetted the rag again and slowly washed down to Kojo’s hips. He inched down the valley of Kojo’s powerful thighs, first the right then the left. Kojo’s cock thickened and his breaths came faster.  
Mather nearly groaned. His core heated and his balls tightened, but he resisted the temptation.

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Shiloh Saddler likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds. She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.
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