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Friday, October 24, 2014

Ghosts in haunted houses are a good thing

Hello everyone!
Jaxx Steele here to share my ghost story, Ghost of a Second Chance. As a kid I was not a big fan of Halloween. Living in New York City kind of put a damper on the day with crazy teenagers indulging in the trick part by throwing balloons filled with hair remover or rotten eggs at people on the way to school or work and those same young punks snatching bags from unsuspecting kids as they trick or treated. So you can imagine I didn’t really look forward to the day at all. My only saving grace was the Halloween themed shows that appeared on TV that night and left over candy my parents provided. 

However when I grew up my perspective on the day changed. I was introduced to the adult Halloween party and BAM! Halloween became my favorite holiday! I will go into that in my next blog. For this blog I will be talking about how I came up with this story.

A few years ago I had the chance to visit the lovely city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Beautiful place with fantastic food and a rich exciting culture of its own. I went for a training session for work, but let me tell you, I got so much more. It was a one of a kind experience.

Not that New Orleans needs a reason to dress up or party, but being close to Halloween time gave them one anyway. As I walked around the city looking painfully like a tourist my local friend and I passed a beautiful house. I stopped doing my ooh and ahh thing over the incredible architecture and a woman sitting nearby encouraged us to enter. I was all for it. The chance to see a house that old just off the French Quarter in one of the most well-known tourist spots in the world…hell yeah! My friend however completely freaked dragging me down the street in the opposite direction. She insisted that house was filled with bad spirits I’d end up taking back to Indiana.

The writer in me was intrigued. As we sampled the many fantastic dishes native to Louisiana she told me of the city’s love affair and history with voo-doo, magic and beliefs of all things ‘spooky’. My brain went crazy! The ‘what if’ factor just took off in my mind and all kinds of stories took flight. One resulting in this one. From this trip I found out how addictive etouffĂ©e was, that I like eating crawfish better when it’s not looking at me, I will never look at Halloween parties the same again and that ghosts aren’t half bad when you know how to handle them!

Carter McDaniel inherited a house in New Orleans from a relative. His plan was to go there, claim the home and the sell it as soon as he could to get back to his life in Indiana. While there he was asked to complete a ritual to help free a ghost that had been trapped for over two hundred years. Carter didn’t believe in ghosts, but the more he learned the more he wanted to help. Could believing in ghosts change his destiny?

“Carter…Carter, wake up.”
The soft masculine voice caressed his ear pulling Carter from his sleep.
“Hmm,” he said sleepily.
“Open your eyes, Carter,” the voice insisted.
Carter’s lids fluttered then opened. Looking up from his reclined position he saw a man. As Carter's eyes focused, they widened at the sight of him drifting along the ceiling looking down at him.
“What the hell!”
“No, Carter, don’t get up. I will come closer to you.”
He descended slowly toward the bed. The closer he got to Carter the clearer his translucent features became. His cat-like eyes were as smoky as the rest of him and held no distinct color. Along with a strong jaw line and full sensual lips that still held their form his handsomeness was evident albeit strange to behold.
“How do you know my name?”
“I have been with you ever since you left my house.”
His brows furrowed. “Your house? What are you talking about? Who are you?”
“My name is Jean-Pierre Petit. I’m a ghost. I have come to you to ask for your help so that I may be set free.”
Carter laughed “This is a joke, right?”
Jean-Pierre’s features did not change.
“So you’re saying you’re a real ghost?”
The apparition nodded.
“Well if that’s the case then we have a problem. I don’t believe in ghosts.”
“Never the less I am here and I am a ghost.”
Carter rose to his elbow and Jean-Pierre sat on the edge of his bed. “Let’s say for argument’s sake that I’m awake and you are a ghost, why are you here?”
“I want your help.”
“My help? To do what?”
“To be free.”
“Yeah, okay. Look Jean-Pierre, I’ve had a long day. I did some sightseeing after I took care of some business and the time change thing has completely worn me out,” he muttered beating his pillow. “So if it’s all the same to you, I’m going to force myself back into REM sleep, okay,” he added and let himself fall back.
“What can I do to convince you that I am real? In order to help me you will have to overcome your disbelief.”
“Then I’m not your guy, JP. I don’t believe in ghosts,” Carter repeated firmly.
“Let’s see if this changes your mind. Though I cannot feel pleasure for myself, I am capable of giving pleasure.”
Carter felt the unmistakable pressure of lips touching his. The kiss felt as real as any other he had ever experienced. His eyes popped open but almost immediately he forced them closed. He gasped disappointed when they left moments later. Jean-Pierre’s mouth against his cheek felt just as good. The gentle pecks moved down to his chest. He jumped when Jean-Pierre brushed against his stomach.
“You have nothing to fear, Carter. No harm will come to you.”
Carter exhaled. He’s right. You can’t be hurt in your own dream.
Though he remained a little apprehensive Carter did relax some. After he had broken up with David right after the Fourth of July barbeque, Carter chose to be off men to focus on work.
Did sex in a dream count? 

Ghost of a Second Chance is available now at Secret Cravings PublishingAmazonB& N and all other online venues.

Find Jaxx at his website,  facebook. Come out and meet Jaxx at the Midwest Writers Conference

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