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Monday, October 27, 2014

Totally Bound Mondays with L.M. Brown

Trick or Treat

With Halloween just around the corner, there is definitely no shortage of paranormal books being released. 

What always surprises me is how popular the spooky heroes seem to be in romance novels.

Long gone are the werewolves who howl at the full moon and tear out the throats of anyone who comes across them in the dark of the night.  Instead, you’re more likely to find the werewolf shifters are loyal pack leaders or maybe the lone wolf types.  There is certainly less focus on the fangs and more on the fur these days.

Then there are the vampires, who are less likely to be seducing young women and sucking out their blood until they die, than they are to be found brooding in their remote homes, watching the world go by until that special someone finds their way into their heart.

Ghosts are no longer just the scary undead, frightening new house owners into fleeing as they torment them and drive them away.  Matchmaking, or even finding love themselves, are far more common tropes.

Even zombies are finding their way into romance novels, and not just as the monsters chasing down humans.

Somewhere along the way the monsters have become the heroes.  I don’t know about you, but I am still not entirely sure when that happened.

As I said, with Halloween around the corner, the paranormal creatures are coming out to play and when it comes to my books they are not an exception.  

For me, I have three types of paranormal creature coming out this month, one ghost, and a demon and angel.

All three of them have been met before since my October releases are in fact re-releases.

Leaving my sexy spook from Touch of a Ghost to one side – he made his re-appearance earlier this month and is very busy on Halloween – I would instead like to introduce you to Alastor and Machidiel, two supernatural beings from the opposite ends of the spectrum, and two of the heroes of my Heavenly Sins trilogy.

Machidiel known as Mac is an angel charged with healing people under the guidance of archangel, Raphael. Alastor on the other hand is a demon, whose greatest talent is manipulating people with his demonic mind control ability. Enemies by their very nature, they have been sparring partners for centuries as well as fighting the undeniable attraction that sparks whenever their paths cross.

When the two of them first walked into my life I thought I was going to be writing a story about a demon and an angel fighting over the same mortal man, and that man’s struggle to choose between good and evil.  How wrong I was!

Instead I found myself writing my first ménage story as the demon, angel, and human (Tristan) realized they worked remarkably well as a threesome.  Between Heaven & Hell, book one in the trilogy is probably the best example I have of a plotted out story going in a completely different direction when I actually began writing it. Misbehaving characters doing just what they please, never mind about my plans, are one of the banes of my life.  Yet the spark between Mac and Alastor was too strong to be denied and I am very glad that I let my boys go their own way. Tristan, who gets to have both of the powerful men in his life is equally happy about the turn this story took. 

I am sure readers of the paranormal romance genre will find it no surprise to discover that Alastor is a favorite in the series, and from what I have seen, has far more fans out there than Mac does.

Demons are not as popular as vampires when it comes to fiction, although their numbers are increasing, but they are one of my favorite “bad boys” of the paranormal genre.

In the Heavenly Sins trilogy there are several types of demon. Alastor is one who was recruited from Hell, which is where he was sent after he died. With no memory of his human life, Alastor has no idea what he did to earn his place in Hell.  He can take a guess, but he tries not to think about it.

As a demon, someone who has sold their soul to escape from Hell, Alastor is quite easily the baddest of my bad boys. This does not mean he is irredeemable.  And I think that is one of the reasons the monsters such as werewolves, vampires, and zombies make such fascinating heroes in romance stories. To take a character who has been seen as evil for years, if not centuries, and then turn them into heroes can be a great challenge as well as a lot of fun.

So, which are your favorite bad boys out of all the monsters surfacing this Halloween? 

When an angel and a demon fall for the same mortal man there is only one solution…share him.

Halloween night at the Inferno club always draws a crowd. When Tristan spots a stunningly gorgeous man dressed as a demon across the dance floor he sets out to draw his attention, little realising he has already gained the notice of another. The demon disappears into the throng of revellers, but with the heavenly handsome Machidiel in his arms, Tristan doesn't mind.
Even though Mac warns him they can never have more than a one-night stand, Tristan longs to see the man who gave him the best sexual experience of his life again.
One year later, Tristan opens his door to find Alastor, the demon from the Inferno, who claims they have a date tonight.
Alastor may be the one man who can make Tristan forget Mac. Little does he realise Mac isn't as far from his reach as he believes. When Mac reappears he has a proposition for Tristan and Alastor, one that means breaking rules and potentially getting him stripped of his wings.
A ménage formed between an angel, a demon, and a human means the sex is hotter than hell itself, but only time will tell if the relationship they have forged together is made in Heaven or Hell.

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