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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hump day with Dreamspinner Press' Eden Winter

When I pick up an M/M romance, one thing I can be certain of getting is a boy meets boy story. How, when, and why is all up to the author’s imagination, as is what happens next. Will I be taken on a voyage with a lonely cybernetic soldier into the far-flung galaxies to discover love on an uncharted planet? Will I tag along under the sea with a merman and bear silent witness to the first time he lays eyes on the sailor destined to be his lover? Or will I get a front-row seat to an unfolding crime drama, in which a crusty old detective discovers he still has a heart in the arms of an assistant D.A.?

Where will you take me, oh author?

As an avid m/m romance reader turned author, I strive to take audiences on the same journeys I want to take:
   1)   First meeting: Shall we have fire or ice? Instant attraction, or must the protagonists overcome initial dislike for each other?
   2)   The dance:  The characters circle, sizing each other up, learning how to step in    time to one another. Salsa or a waltz, I want my readers, and my characters, to relish every step.
   3)   The sizzle: Be it a calm, quiet, loving occasion, or a fiery “need you now!” passion, I want to make the pages ignite when the lovers come together.
   4)   The path: What will they do now? Travel together or go back to their own lives? 
   5)   Conclusion: I want an HEA or HFN, so that’s what I give.

Some writers chose to stick to one genre. I like to explore new ground. A ghostly Highlander haunting a Scottish castle? Why, yes, please! A passel of possum shifters from a small town in Georgia? Oh, yeah! A contemporary romance between a burned-out rock star and an opera tenor devoted to his craft. Why not?

A Matter of When is my latest offering from Dreamspinner Press. And though lead singer Henri spent last Thanksgiving at a diner with his band, he’ll soon have a lot to be thankful for.

Wealth. Fame. Gold record. Hookers and Cocaine front man Henri Lafontaine has it all…including a control freak manager, band members who smile as they sharpen blades for his back, and last but damn well not least, a fan out to steal his heart. Literally. Trying to write hit songs and plan a comeback in the midst of the hi-fi white noise of LA feels more like watching his world implode, until he’s offered a month in the Colorado Rockies for vocal coaching.

Sebastian Unger’s rich, classically trained tenor inspires wicked thoughts. More than a pretty choir boy, he cracks the whip without hesitation to drive tattooed bad-boy Henri to give his all to his music. Working, fighting, and finally establishing a fragile peace, they find inspiration and perhaps more in each other. But the clock is ticking. Time will pull Henri back to the grit and gold of LA’s mean streets and fame machine, while Sebastian must return to the opera circuit, where a mysterious man known as “the patron” holds far too much sway. Only the trust they've built on a handful of notes bridges their two worlds...and shields them from malice.

A Matter of When is now available from Dreamspinner Press:

About Eden:
Eden Winters was captivated young by story-telling, and her earliest memories include spinning tales for the family’s pets. Her dreams of writing professionally took a sojourn into non-fiction, with a twelve-year stint in technical documentation.

She began reading GLBT novels as a way to better understand the issues faced by a dear friend and fell in love with the M/M romance genre. During a discussion of a favorite book, a fellow aficionado said, “We could do this, you know.”
Good-bye gears, motors, and other authors’ characters; hello plots and sex scenes. This has resulted in such prize-winning stories as Settling the Score, The Angel of Thirteenth Street, Naked Tails, The Wish, Duet, and Diversion.

Somewhat of a nomad, Eden has visited seven countries so far. She currently calls the southern US home, and many of her stories take place in the rural South. Having successfully raised two children, she now balances the day job with hiking, rafting, spoiling her grandchildren, and stalking the wily falafel or elusive tofu pad Thai at her favorite restaurants. Her musical tastes run from Ambient to Zydeco, and she’s a firm believer that life is better with fur kids and Harley Davidsons.

For more information about Eden, please visit her website at

This Thanksgiving season, I’m thankful for the dear friends I’ve made through m/m romance. 

What are you thankful for?

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