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Monday, December 1, 2014

I want to be like Scrooge...wait, what?

Happy holidays to all of you out there in Guys Like Romance Too wonderland! This is Em Woods here, joining you from my snug-as-a-bug fleece blanket for a few moments of wintery cheer. So, I bet you’re curious what the heck I meant about wanting to be like Scrooge, eh? Well, I mean, I want to be like MY Scrooge. The one I tweaked with a little bit of love and a whole lot of angst in my modified rendition of A Christmas Carol.

When I was younger, reading this book, and now older watching the television specials depicting the old man who can’t stand the season of cheer – I wondered…what the heck made him that way? Why the change of heart over just seeing a few scenes of past, present, and future? Seriously, 99.9% of people just aren’t hard-wired to be mean or cruel the way Dickens painted Scrooge to be.
And I think love is a powerful motivator. I think that Christmas is the perfect time for that particular emotion. Don’t you?

That’s why when I thought of how Scrooge earned his attitude, of who he might have been at some time in his life, of what might have happened along the way – I knew that he had to have a true love out there somewhere! And I wanted to give that to him, the surliest of Christmas fixtures…and I think it turned out amazing.
So have you read the classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? Have you read my amped up version with Scrooge’s love story? If you haven’t, you should. On both counts. (insert sly smile here)

One of my favorite parts of the original Carol is when Scrooge is shivering in his bed, just before the ghost of Christmas Future comes to get him for his trip forward to a future that could be, and you can see the glimmer of hope that Scrooge isn’t as terrible as Dickens has portrayed him over so many pages. That moment when you can the humanity in the old miser. I love that because it is what the season is about for me, that spark of life that makes us human and whole and able to love.

What do you like about the story? What does it mean to you, and does it mean more this time of year?

I’ll tell you what…I’m going to do a giveaway. How about your very own copy of my version of A Christmas Carol?

Leave me a comment below telling me your favorite part of the holiday season (I won’t limit you to my story, I promise.) along with your name and email address. On December 24th at 5pm EST I will draw a winner and send you a treat on Christmas Eve.
Before I snuggle back in with my coffee, I hope you all have a lovely holiday and stay warm, wherever you are and I want to leave you with a taste of what you’ll receive…

Excerpt from A Christmas Carol:

A gentleman’s study came next into view, dimly lit with sallow candles flickering their soft glow on the dark panelled walls, dancing shadows across the face of a man Scrooge thought much too handsome to be sitting on his own.
Presently, a knock interrupted Scrooge’s quiet perusal of the man’s rounded face, dark curly hair, and pale, slender hands where they rested on the upholstered arms of the chair in which he sat. The subject opened his eyes and Scrooge gasped.
“I know him.”
“You know him, yet you would forget others that were much closer than he?” The Ghost laughed heartily, thinking that the merriest of jokes.
“He was the first.” Scrooge stepped closer, caught by the light blue gaze staring through him to the maid entering behind him. “Does he see me?”
“You know he does not.”
“Pity. I should like to sit with him for a spell.”
The maid swept around the room, shuffling this and that back into its place, out of sight. “If you have nothing more for me to do?”
“No, Mary. Go home. Enjoy your babes and give my best tidings to your husband.” Alexander sat forward, resting his elbows on his knees as she bustled around him.
She paused briefly in straightening his desk. The look upon her countenance spoke of the pity and sadness she held for him. “Would you not join us this eve? I have more than enough for all of us and another mouth.”
“Enough worrying over me, my dear. Go.” Alexander rose to guide her to the door. “I will survive until after the morrow. Do not grace my doorstep, dear girl, or I shall have to dock your pay for your disobedience in this.”
“You have seen the last of me this day, sir.” She laughed and waved on her way out. “Merry Christmas to you.”
“Happy Christmas, indeed.”
Scrooge thought it would be the end of it, but the Ghost of Christmas Present only remained, watching. Sadness and hope waged a mighty battle in the depths of his eyes as Alexander crossed to the bar and poured a drink. As the room began to fade, Alexander lifted his glass in a toast. “To us lonely souls. To you, Ebenezer, wherever you may be, may you be happy and loved by whomever has captured your heart.”

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