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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What's wrong with "Just one more?"

“One Thing Leads”

Chances are good that your response to the title above was to think something like, “Uh-oh, this can’t be good.” When a character in a movie or book says “Come on, one more won’t hurt,” it’s easy to see that a decision point is at hand, and that saying yes or no will make a great deal of difference in the direction of the story. But it’s not so clear in our own lives, is it? When we hear the “just one more” line, we may really want whatever our friend is suggesting, and that desire can all too easily overpower the reasonable inner voice warning us of the potential consequences.

Dion Bellamy, hurting after a fight with his lover, leans on his friend, Grayson Sinclair, for support. Grayson, however, is anything but a friend. He has designs on Dion and slowly leads him down a dark path. “Forget your lover,” Grayson tells Dion. “He’s gone. Let go of the past, start living for yourself.” One step at a time, Grayson spins Dion into dizziness, enflaming his lust with teasing little touches on one hand, then begging forgiveness for his advances while Dion is hurting over the loss of his partner. Eventually he takes Dion dancing, gets him drunk, high on Ecstasy, and leads him to the sex club he owns. Dion wakes up the next day to a terrible choice. Sign a contract to work as a gay prostitute in Grayson’s brothel or he’ll post video online of Dion giving multiple blowjobs to men the night before while he was was out of his mind.

Fortunately for Dion, his lover is struggling to return to him after a stint in the hospital. Overcoming the odds against them both brings One Thing Leads> to a fast-paced, exciting conclusion.

If you like intrigue, hot men, and the struggle to overcome obstacles in the name of love, One Thing Leads is a must-read.

Below you’ll find a synopsis, a short bio of yours truly, and the requisite excerpt, freebies, and “buy me!” linkage. Click and enjoy. Who knows how far you’ll go?

What makes a young man go further than he ever thought he would?

Dion Bellamy is twenty-seven and studying social work at the University of Chicago. He has lived with Kenji Okamura, a construction worker, for a year and a half. Dion loves Kenji and passionately hopes Kenji feels the same, but he has never said the three big words. Then Grayson Sinclair, Dion’s schoolmate and a vivacious, oversexed playboy, comes between them.

One step at a time, barely aware where his steps are leading, Dion descends the slippery slope into a life of depravity. First, Grayson ensures Kenji is out of the way. Then he entices Dion to go clubbing with him, gets Dion drunk and high, and then takes him to a sex club, where he films Dion giving blow jobs to multiple men. He threatens to put the video online unless Dion signs a contract to work as a prostitute. Though he hardly understands how he reached this point, Dion must now figure out how to escape his fate and save himself.

About Jude
I’m a southern boy who lives in Chicago and enjoys fine wine, dark chocolate, and plays jazz piano from time to time. Most of all, I love writing gay romance and erotica that will touch your heart and make you laugh.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Totally Bound up Mondays with S.A. Meade

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. It always gave me a bit of a kick to walk into the local supermarket and see the special shelves set up, all laden with everything a person could need for Thanksgiving Dinner. It meant that the long, dreadful Arizona summer was over and that the good weather was on the way—the cool, sunny days and the wonderfully chilly nights. The locals would be digging out their sweaters while the Snowbirds—winter residents from chillier parts of the US, would be wandering aimlessly down the aisles, trying to get the measure of an unfamiliar store.  Another bonus was a four-day break from work, which, since my employers were tight-fisted when it came to leave, was very welcome.  The best thing of all, though, was spending the day with family.

But, family aside, the centerpiece of Thanksgiving is the meal. It was fascinating to see the amazing variety of dishes people would serve—some delicious, some so horrifying in concept that I couldn’t bring myself to even try them. More on that in a moment. We always opted for a very traditional dinner, which my Dad would cook, with some contributions from me (my homemade turkey gravy). So, when it was time to sit down for dinner, after a long afternoon watching television, drinking wine and smelling enticing aromas from the kitchen, we’d sit down to: turkey, roast potatoes, green bean casserole, other vegetables (I can never remember because I was all over that green bean casserole) and my dad’s homemade sage and onion stuffing. Mum would always have a tin of yams all to herself, because the rest of us weren’t keen on those. Then, of course, there was my excellent turkey gravy and the wobbling tower of cranberry jelly.  It was all wonderful. This mammoth plateful was followed by a choice of pumpkin pie or apple pie. Pumpkin pie for me every time. I remember having Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister’s and, afterwards, we went to her friends’ house for dessert, which turned out to be a selection of half a dozen pies. My head just about exploded from trying to decide which to go for. I needed a block and tackle to get me down the drive and into the car after that.

There is one Thanksgiving standard that never made it to our table, for which I am truly grateful. That was the abomination that is the sweet potato casserole. I know it’s very popular but I’m picky, I don’t want dessert on the same plate as my main course. The combination of canned sweet potatoes, canned pineapple, pecans and marshmallows just horrified me. It was almost as bad as the childhood memory of Jello salad with shreds of carrots suspended in coloured gelatin.  I can still ‘feel’ those bits of carrot, so at odds with the Jello. 

So, I guess, being a bit too fond of food, it’s often food that brings back memories. The sight, the smell, the taste can be so evocative. This little excerpt from ‘Orion Rising’, I hope shows what food can do.

The doors swung open, releasing a draught of damp, humid air.
“Good, eh?” Clarkson chuckled.
I stood on the threshold and stared into the long, cavernous space, at the tidy rows of green—more living plants than I had seen in my lifetime. Half a dozen workers in overalls moved between the rows, adjusting lights, pruning, watering.
“Bloody hell.” I recognised the scent of life, of rich soil and hope. Something inside me lifted. I stared at the man beside me and couldn’t say any more.
“You really don’t say much, do you? Hodgkins did say something to that effect.”
Someone carefully placed onions into a basket—big, round white bulbs with thick, trailing stalks. The aroma erased the memory of last night’s canteen meal.
“A lot of hard work. It’s completely self-contained. Everything this place needs is provided by the station. If all goes well, we’ll have enough food to feed thirty staff for a good number of years—as long as you don’t mind a vegetarian diet.”
“No skin off my nose.” I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten anything that wasn’t tinned, preserved, freeze dried or pickled. Most of the green things had disappeared before I was born.
We wandered along a broad aisle, past beds filled with onions, leeks and, beneath sunlight array, a forest of tomatoes. The vines bent under the weight of the ripening fruit. Clarkson paused to admire a bush heavy with small, ripe tomatoes. They gleamed like rubies in the soft light.
“Here, try one.” He pressed a small fruit into my hand and took one for himself. I watched him pop it into his mouth. One cheek bulged while he slowly savoured it. I bit into mine and felt warm juice trickle down my throat. The tomato was sweet and tasted of summers I’d only read about. I was torn between gulping it down or trying to make it last.
Clarkson reached towards another vine, where the tomatoes were plump and smooth. “These are even better.” He took a bite and handed the rest to me. “Plum tomatoes.”
He watched me while I bit into it. All I could do was nod and try not to let the juice run down my chin. “Jesus.”
“Good, eh?”
I nodded and dabbed an errant drop at the corner of my mouth. “Very good.”
 “You’ve never had tomatoes before?”
“Only out of a tin. It doesn’t taste like the same thing.”
“When you’ve settled in a bit, you can come to dinner, in my quarters. I think I can get a few of these.”

Blurb for Orion Rising:
Michael and Paul fight to survive in a land frozen by endless winter. Will the ice between them thaw once and for all?
Michael Wright has given up thinking he's anything more than a number-cruncher. When he's summoned to verify the outcome of renowned meteorologist, Paul Clarkson's latest research Michael is happy to escape the drudgery of a grey cubicle at the Met Office.
At Station 17 he finds himself working side by side with a brilliant scientist and charismatic man who stirs a lot more than respect. The attraction is mutual but, after a few snatched hours of passion, internal politics and a vengeful adversary tear them apart.
When Michael returns to Station 17 two years later he discovers that the world isn't the only thing that's changed. Paul is forbiddingly distant and the fire that once burned between them has turned to ice. The violence of deadly storm reignites their relationship - but will the disastrous aftermath of another destroy their love once and for all?

Like the sound of Orion Rising? Buy it here

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

And then there was Anthony learns from the past

Greetings followers of Guys Like Romance, Too!
I want to thank Carson for letting me come back. I am Jaxx Steele. For those who don’t know of me I write erotic gay romance. I am here today to give you a look at And then there was Anthony.
This is not my first romance by far, but it is my first real love story.
Love story? I thought you said you said you wrote erotic romance. Aren’t they the same thing?
I’m glad you asked the question, wonderful follower of AMR. Yes, I do write erotic romance, but this book is my first love story. What’s the difference between a love story and an erotic romance, you ask? I don’t know if there is a standard text book difference between the two or anything, but here is Jaxx Steele’s idea of what the difference is.

Love Story:
Has the intenseness of the chase with seduction and romance galore. Throughout the story the relationship builds in crescendo until it is culminated by the couple getting together in a serious stress relieving love making scene thus ending the story on a high note.

Erotic Romance:
The ‘story’ is about them overcoming said disaster so that they can be together in the end. The book has the intenseness of the chase with the seduction and romance, too, but the aggressor catches his intended lover. All is well for a time and then some catastrophe comes to try to break them up.

Now, like I said, I don’t know if that is how it is commonly done, but that is the definition that I use when I write. Anthony, of course fits under the love story umbrella. I really liked doing it. I loved how Luke came to the realization that he didn’t have to be alone. Anthony won his trust and then got the man he wanted. A happy ending is always a good thing. I love them and I do them.
Here is a peek at And then there was Anthony. J

After the death of his lover, Luke Finley took dating off his list of things to do. When he met Anthony Dixon, Luke found it difficult to keep the handsome man safely on the friend list. Will Luke to let the ghosts from his past prevent him from having love in his future?

Twisting the last ball of dough into a braided donut, he shoved the tray into the oven and turned the timer. Stepping on the pedal at the sink, he washed his hands and left the kitchen. Luke sat heavily in the chair in his office and picked up the phone.
“This is Luke Finley. How can I help you?” he asked tucking the receiver between his shoulder and ear.
“Luke, what the hell! Where are you?”
Luke recognized the panic stricken voice of his friend immediately. He chuckled pulling the towel from his other shoulder and dried his hands.
“What do you mean where am I? Duh! I’m at the store. You just called me, Nick.”
Nick sputtered. “I know that, man, but you’re not supposed to be at the bakery you’re supposed to be here with me at Dixon Web Designs,” he said in an urgent whisper.
Luke’s brows scrunched in confusion. “What? Why?”
Nick groaned in his ear. “Dude, tell me you didn’t forget.”
“Luke…the meeting.”
Luke’s confusion kept him silent.
“The meeting, man…with Anthony Dixon, the computer guy.”
More silence.
“For the website!”
“Oh!” Luke exclaimed as comprehension dawned. “Yeah, I remember that, but why are you there now? That meeting isn’t until the twenty-second.”
“Today is the twenty-second, Luke. You were supposed to be here an hour ago.”
Luke’s eyes widened. He swiveled in his chair to face the calendar on the wall. There were scribbles in the twenty-second’s box. On closer inspection he saw it was his handwriting reminding him of said appointment. The event clearly had slipped his mind. He couldn’t even remember the last time he looked at the calendar.
“Shit! Is he still there? I can come right now.”
“Yeah, man, you’re good, just get your butt down here.”
“All right. Stall for me. I’ll be there soon as I can.”
Luke hung the phone up and jerked from the chair. “Sandy, I need a sunrise basket quick,” he ordered rushing pass her. “I’ll be back for it.”
“Okay,” came her reply.
Luke was never so glad to live so close to his store. He had walked on many occasions when the weather permitted. It took him mere minutes to drive home. Rushing through his door he snatched a burgundy button down from his closet and tossed it into the dryer then changed from his jeans into a pair of khaki’s. Luke was changed, back at the store and heading down the block in just over half an hour.
Dixon Web Designs was located in a strip mall about five miles down the road from his establishment. Luke spotted his friend sitting at a table in the back of the small office with another man who had his back to the door. Nick saw him at the door and waved him over. Luke smiled, smoothed his shirt, took a deep breath and approached.
The man sitting with Nick turned around and Luke stopped in his tracks. He managed to keep his mouth from dropping opening but could not swallow the gasp that escaped. The computer guy had the brightest, most sparkling brown eyes Luke had ever seen. It was like looking into a cup of freshly poured Coca Cola sitting in the sunlight. The man landed a deliberate gaze on him. It felt like a physical touch gliding over Luke’s skin.
He and Nick stood to greet him. Looking at the stranger’s masculine features, everything around Luke seemed to fade. There was no hair on his strong looking, square jaw or around his fill lips. It made the dimple in his chin prominent when he smiled. Most men were taller than Luke’s five foot six inches, but this Anthony Dixon was massive. Nick stood six foot two and even he had to look up to the man. His broad shoulders and muscular stature could not be hidden beneath the expensive looking suit he wore. The jet black material over the beige shirt fitted him too well to be off the rack and complimented his caramel skin tone beautifully. Luke swallowed to wet his suddenly dry mouth then attempted to gather his wits before he continued across the room.  
“Luke, I’m glad you made it, man,” Nick greeted patting him on the shoulder. “Luke Finley, this is Anthony Dixon, owner of Dixon Web Designs” he added extending his hand to the stranger.
Luke took the stranger’s out stretched hand. Anthony’s grip was warm and firm. The skin on skin contact sent tingles up Luke’s arm as Anthony jerked it up and down.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Luke.”
Anthony’s voice was smooth and baritone. It vibrated over Luke’s skin sending an erotic pulse to his groin and lightening strikes of pleasure to his nipples. The realization of that surprised him. No one’s voice had ever turned him on before.
“I– I apologize for the delay. Thank you for waiting for me, Mr. Dixon.”
“It was no problem and please, call me Anthony. I think that’s okay if we’re going to be working together,” Anthony mentioned offering him a seat. “Any friend of Nick’s is a friend of mine.”
The three men sat down and Luke put the basket in the center of the table.
“I brought a peace offering. Is it alright that we eat as we talk?” 
“Of course. This doesn’t have to be a formal meeting if you’re not comfortable with that kind of scene. I want to make this as easy for you as possible.”
“Thanks. I must admit that I’m very techy at all that’s why I asked Nick to find me someone to help. He knows all about that kind of stuff.”
Anthony crooned his head looking into the basket. “Are these from Morning Glory down on Eighth Street?” he asked removing a danish.
“Yes, that’s my shop.”
Anthony’s face lit up. His eyes danced happily and an exuberant grin spread across his face. Luke’s heart fluttered at the sight.
“Really? I love that place. Making a website for you will be easier than I thought,” he muttered opening his laptop.
“Nick didn’t tell you I owned Morning Glory?” Luke asked turning an accusing eye to his friend.
“When I set up the meeting I just gave Anthony the basics. I had a friend that wanted a website for his business and that you were in the food industry,” Nick supplied with a shrug.
Luke nodded then turned back to Anthony. He held the cheese danish between his lips as he typed. Taking a bite he used one hand to finish what he was doing.
“Mmm, these are so good, my favorite actually. I used to stop by your place on the way to work to get one every morning.”
Luke’s eyes widened. “Really? When was that? I never saw you. I wouldn’t have missed someone like you in my store.”
Anthony’s eyes shifted toward him. A rush of heat quickly filled Luke’s cheeks. He made the attempt to fumble out a retraction.
“No!” he said shaking his hand. “I just mean I wouldn’t have missed a man as big you.” 
An amused smile touched Anthony’s lips as he turned to fully face Luke.
“Wait! That’s not what I wanted to say,” Luke rushed out. “I’m just trying to say that I usually notice when good looking men come into my store,” he expressed more slowly.
Luke gasped then pressed his lips together and groaned. His eyes closed as he sighed.
Just shoot me.

And then there was Anthony is available now at Secret Cravings Publishing  and all online stores.

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