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Monday, January 12, 2015

Broken Bridges, by Cheyenne Meadows

Cheyenne Meadows on her new shifter novel, Broken Bridges

A second chance at love?

Have you ever broken up with another person, then ran across them down the road? Did you wonder why it hadn’t worked? Wish for a second chance? Did you or someone you know ever take that leap of faith and give the relationship one more try? Was the second time the charm or was the experience only a matter of same issues, different day?
This is the situation with Adin and Dax in Broken Bridges. They met and quickly burned the sheets with their fiery passion only to sadly discover that outside of the bedroom, they couldn’t find common ground. Dax, an alpha wolf shifter and detective has protective instincts ingrained him to the very marrow of his bones. He can’t help but watch over anyone he cares about with an eagle eye and the aggressiveness that would make any alpha proud.
Problem is, black bear shifter, Adin, doesn’t care for the near suffocating protective veil Dax tries to wrap around him. He’s a bear, damn it, and doesn’t need a wolf trying to throw his weight around under the excuse of caring for him. He starts to lose himself, his connection to his beast, and his independence when he lets Dax start dictating his life. Finally, he’d had enough, set the story straight, and watched Dax walk out of his life.
Since then Adin has worked hard to find peace with his inner bear, to move on with life, throw himself into his job as a park ranger, and forget the one man who turned his life upside down. He believes he’s successful until Dax shows up a couple years later out of the blue. Black bear shifters are being murdered and Dax needs Adin’s help to solve the case before any more shifters die.
Adin is torn when Dax reappears. He’s missed the arrogant bastard, hasn’t found anyone that can rocket up his desire like Dax did, and can’t help but feel the old fire flash back to life.
The question is: can they learn to work together without finding themselves traveling down an all too familiar road. Adin isn’t sure. He’s also not convinced that Dax can accept the fact that Adin is more than capable of taking care of himself. Either way, Adin isn’t about to budge on his stance. Dax can either accept him as he is or go his own way once again.
Shifters are a tough lot, stubborn too. But, when loves comes into play, it’s an entirely different matter.
Toss in a second chance at love and the threat of death by a serial killer. Emotions are high and raw as the two men try to work together, solve the mystery, and try to find a new path together.

Blurb for Broken Bridges:
Alpha wolf shifter Detective Dax Steel is hip deep in homicide cases, all bear shifters who seemingly died in of natural causes in their prime.  To make matters worse, the murders throw him back in contact with his ex-lover, Adin.
 Adin shares the same genetics as the victims and a healthy appetite for the sexy and addictive Dax.  A two week blazing hot affair between them fell apart almost as quickly as it started, leaving Adin longing but hesitant to risk his heart once more. 
Can Dax track down the killer before Adin lands in his crosshairs?  Will they come together as a team and find love is lasting after all? 
Excerpt from Broken Bridges:

Adin eased through the timber, disbelieving what his nose told him.
Sure enough, Dax sat on his front porch, leaning back in the old wooden chair with his feet propped up on the railing as if he had nothing better to do than watch the grass blow in the breeze.
His heart stuttered.
Three years ago, they’d run into one another—in the meat section of the supermarket, no less. Hitting it off, they’d set the sheets on fire, riding the peak waves of a hot and heavy love affair. Until they had cooled down enough to start talking—worst and best decision ever. Arguments followed until they’d both thrown up their arms and mutually walked away.
How many times had he thought of Dax since? Hundreds. He missed the robust sex, the runs through the forest, the playful teasing. At the same time, he’d enjoyed the peace and quiet that had settled in after Dax left, his natural living state, minus the pressure from the alpha wolf about petty things that drove him nearly insane. Their relationship had been a flash in the pan and had dissipated as quickly as wine in a heated skillet.
Why is he back now?
Adin walked casually forward, as if finding an old lover on his front step was an everyday occurrence. “What brings you by?”
Lord, the man looks delicious. Short blond hair covered his head, hinting at the pale color of his wolf in shifted form. Sharp blue eyes sparked. A clean-shaven face, handsome and compelling. The broad, sweatshirt-covered shoulders led downward to a narrow waist, powerful jean-clad thighs, and cowboy boots. He’d rarely seen Dax without boots, usually only when they were naked in bed. His groin tightened at the arousing sight. Blatantly ignoring the mild discomfort, he focused on the man before him.
“Need to talk to you.” Dax stood and met Adin as he climbed the steps. Although the same height, Adin’s body was more thickly muscled while Dax was slender—a hint of their animal genetics.
Adin arched an eyebrow. “Dare I enquire what about?” Though Dax carried his alpha tendencies and dominance with everything he did, Adin didn’t feel intimidated—probably because he had loved taking the more submissive role, allowing the wolf to strut his stuff in bed. Out of the bedroom, Adin considered them on equal terms.
“Bear shifters are falling over dead and we don’t know why.”
“Holy shit.” Adin’s mouth fell open as he read the truth and frustration on Dax’s face. His stomach turned over as a bolt of fear shot through him.
With a mumbled curse, he pulled a key from his park ranger jacket pocket, slipped it in the keyhole, and opened the door. “Might as well come on in. I have a feeling this is going to be a long conversation.”

Broken Bridges available now!

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