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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Caged Sanctuary, by Tempeste O'Riley

Good morning! When I sat down to write Caged Sanctuary I never imagined the characters and their world as they happened on page. I don’t pre-plot, ever. I’ve tried, it’s not pretty, trust me. However, I started with a challenge from another author, my own mobility issues, and the pain with that comes from being treated differently simply because I cannot walk as “normal” people do.
The original challenge was to write a story where one MC was disabled in some way. Oh, and make the story a BDSM one. Full BDSM (yes, that was a caveat as my debut story, Designs of Desire has a D/s relationship, but it’s very light and no true sceening until the follow-up short, lol).
So what did I do what that prompt? Well, Kade is wheelchair bound and doesn’t believe any Dom will ever want him. He can’t kneel. He can’t stand. He can’t... Well, you get the picture. Kade doesn’t allow the bashing that put him in the chair to stop him in his work life, but he doesn’t have the same resolve when it comes to his personal life. This is one of those things I personally understand about Kade. How one sees the rest of the world and how one sees themselves when it comes to love... a 180° from one another. 


Deacon bent to take his shoes and socks off but left the rest of his clothes in place. “When in this room, I expect you to be naked and ready for me. I will give you time later to explore everything here as I will, at times, also give you instructions on items to gather, use, or prepare before play. I expect you to obey at all times. If you have cause not to, you must tell me immediately. That will include the why, boy.
Do you understand?”
The command, and the way Deacon’s voice had dropped and hardened the moment they entered the room, had his cock harder than he could ever remember it being. Kade loved a man who knew what he wanted and damn well expected his sub to obey. He nodded and replied, “Yes, Sir.” He paused and thought about the instructions given. “Should
I strip now or… is this simply instructional time for the future?”
“Mmm, I have every intention of playing with you, boy, so yes, remove your clothes. There is a small stand to your right. That is where you are to place your clothes, folded neatly.” As soon as Deacon stopped speaking, he turned his back and stalked across the room. At the tall dresser against one of the walls, he stopped and pulled open the top drawer.
Not wanting to disappoint, and appreciating the small amount of privacy, Kade quickly shimmied out of his clothes, folding each piece before setting them on the small table. Once completely nude and resettled in his chair, he maneuvered farther inside, stopping at the rough center of the room. He leaned forward slightly, folding his arms behind his back and clasping them in as close an approximation of the presentation position as he could do given his lack of balance and kneeling. He then lowered his gaze, choosing a spot a little way in front of him to focus on, and waited.
After a few minutes, Deacon’s feet and legs came into view. The man circled him slowly. Kade’s breath sped as he waited, nearly coming apart when he finally felt the first touch of Deacon’s fingers across his shoulder. The light touch slid down his spine, touching but not stopping on a few of the thin scars that peppered his skin. Some were from the attack, others from heavy use of the cane when he’d been younger. The latter ones he was proud of and hoped to have more of soon.
“Very good, boy. You please me already,” Deacon praised before stepping around to face him. “Up on the bed now.”
As soon as Deacon moved out of his path, Kade rolled to the platform and set about transferring himself to the large bed. Before he could decide how to position himself, Deacon stepped in front of him again. “Beautiful,” Deacon purred as he gently touched Kade’s cleanshaven pubic area before standing tall again.
Kade’s heart raced as he beamed at the praise.
“Are you stable there?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good. Undress me.”
The deep command sent a shiver through Kade, but he quickly pushed it away. Kade leaned against the cushions and pillows to gain a little more stability, then obediently tugged Deacon’s shirt free of his slacks before unbuttoning it. Deacon moved so the silky material slid off his shoulders and down his arms. Kade then slipped his fingers under the edge of Deacon’s undershirt and lifted as high as he could, waiting as Deacon raised his arms and pulled it the rest of the way off. Distracted by the solid, muscular chest in front of him, Kade took a moment to stare at the lightly furred skin, his mouth watering at the thought of being allowed to touch and taste it all.
When Deacon cleared his throat, Kade dropped his eyes and refocused on his task. His stomach tightened as he took in the distended front of Deacon’s pants, the fabric doing little to hide his Dom’s arousal. It took only a few moments to have the belt undone and the button and zipper opened. Anticipation cramped in his gut, and his hands trembled as he eased the material down over the boxer briefs until it pooled at Sir’s feet.
“I, um….” Kade mumbled, but before he had to say more, Deacon stepped out of his pants and silently handed them to Kade, who folded them and added them to the growing pile beside him.
Kade’s eyes flicked up again, unsure if Deacon wanted the briefs off as well, knowing most of the Dom’s he’d been with kept themselves covered until the last moment. Their eyes met and held.
“Everything, boy.”
Concentrating, Kade slipped his fingers under the edge of the elastic, then carefully pealed the boxers off, embarrassed when a whimper escaped as the full length before him was freed. He wanted so badly to lean forward and lick the shiny wet drops decorating the large cock head in front of him, but he hadn’t been given permission yet. Instead, he accepted the last piece of clothing, folded it, and placed it with the rest of Deacon’s clothes.
Deacon picked up the stack and moved it away before lifting and settling Kade on a pile of pillows near the head of the bed. He then sat next to Kade.
“Can you feel this?” Deacon asked, caressing up and down Kade’s thighs, his eyes never leaving Kade’s face.
Kade could see clearly he was being watched, but his entire focus was on Deacon’s hands and how close they were to his dick. “L-lightly. More like the impression of touch, if that makes sense. I like it, though,” he quickly added. He didn’t want his Dom not to think he liked his touch, and he did enjoy it, even if it was more mental than physical in this case.
“And this?” Deacon trailed his fingers up Kade’s abdomen, circled his hard nipples, and plucked them a few times.
“Ungh…. Sir!” Kade yelled, arching his back without thought. It had been so long since he’d felt anything but his own hands and toys, he feared he would come without permission and ruin their evening.
The deep chuckle distracted him slightly as Deacon continued to tease his chest and abs. “I do love edging, boy. I hope you do as well, because you will not be finishing for a very long time.”
The whimpers and moans falling from Kade would have embarrassed him had Deacon not told him he wanted to hear them. Not that he could have stopped them if he’d wanted to. His Dom was too good at keeping him from being able to anticipate the next touch, the next pinch.
When the touching suddenly stopped, Kade fought to focus enough to find out why. By the time he figured out what was happening, Deacon had the cock ring part of his cage open. Kade watched through his lust-filled haze as Deacon slipped on the ring that went around his cock and balls, then the upper one that only went around the base of his cock, and closed them, increasing his sensitivity and need all the more. They were tight but not painful. Seeing it on himself once again made him lightheaded. The fact his Dom was the one to place it there nearly brought him to tears. I’ll make him proud!
“Beautiful, boy. So, so beautiful.” The praise shot through Kade, making his heart beat harder even as it seemed to lodge in his throat.

Kade doesn’t see himself as being worthy of a Dom, desirable to a Dom, since he can no longer so a list of things, thankfully for him, my other main character is even more stubborn and willful than Kade, lol. Deacon is a powerful character in both his work life and his personal one. The one pain he has is that he has no boy to love and care for, no one to dominate and cherish. However, when a couple of meddling friends con both men into attending a dinner party, each man may just find what he’s missing. In Kade’s case, he finds more than a Dom to serve, but the strength within to accept who he is and for the first time in years, see himself as worthy of love.

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