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Friday, January 2, 2015

Caught on Camera by Lily Harlem

When I decided to write a M/M serial I sure made it complicated for myself! Phew, why do I do that! The call was to write five parts of a novel that could all be read individually—each with a beginning, middle and end— but put together they would make one steamy full length read. To add to that complication I then had the idea to create a story within a story. That’s right, there’s two completely different plot lines going on, the characters even have different names to call each other!

Sound confusing? Maybe to start with but not when you find out Caught on Camera is about a couple of English blokes—budding porn stars—making an adult movie. This gave me the flexibility of ‘scenes’ for them to act out for the camera as they followed the script and also the space to create a depth to their characters as they worked together and built on their relationship. Each part is a scene in the movie, and as the script progresses so does their story off screen. The movie binds the men together, it also pushes them to new heights and allows for many opportunities for them to indulge in each other and resolve personal issues. Because ultimately it’s what happens off screen that’s important, the burgeoning emotions and feelings that are developing as they get to know each other, and also the baggage they carry after being hurt in the past. Falling in love is never easy or without a few hurdles.

I’ll be honest I really, really enjoyed writing Caught on Camera. It was fun, the sex is off the scale hot (well, it is a porn film, there had to be a hot Dom cowboy, a threesome and a bag of deliciously exciting props that get taken to a BDSM club!). The two male leads, Cade and Reece really spoke to me. They were all about the action but beneath that, as the story unfolds, it’s clear they have depths, hopes for the future, fears and needs that only they can supply each other.

I got the inspiration for this serial when I was watching a documentary about making gay porn movies. The narrator happened to comment that he’d never seen a couple fall in love on screen before but that’s what had happened during the making of this particular real-life movie. There was a brief interview afterwards with the actors and sure enough, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, they were also planning a date and it was really quite romantic despite the very graphic scenes they’d just filmed and the swarm of crew around them.

It was exactly that intimacy and intensity that I’ve tried to capture with Caught on Camera. I didn’t want it to be all about the physical acts, I wanted that to be the icing on the cake of what is basically a very romantic love story. The coming together of two men who are made for each other and are in the very unique position of allowing others into this special time of their lives. I think that would make an awesome movie, to witness real emotions and real feelings growing would definitely project chemistry. It would be cool not just in a porn movie but in any kind of film. I guess it does happen, A-listers fall for each other when making blockbusters all the time!

I really hope you’ll check out Caught on Camera. Part One is free and you can find out about the entire listings at Totally Bound. Want to know more about me? Then check out my website and feel free to friend me on Facebook where I’m usually hanging out chatting all things sexy books.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year.

Lily x

Caught on Camera Part One: Excerpt

Reece dipped his brush into the magnolia paint then aligned it beside the window frame. He had to be careful because his concentration was wandering. His job for the week was to redecorate Mrs. Henley-Smythe’s bedroom and he was halfway through the task, but since the gardener had appeared, his progress had slowed considerably.
With the bristles held still against the wall, he allowed himself a moment to look down at the garden. It was bright outside—a brilliant, sun-drenched August day in Wiltshire and he couldn’t help but admire the view. But he wasn’t appreciative of the begonias or the gladioli or the neat topiary bushes, no it was Cade Davenport—or at least that was the name on the van out the front, Cade Davenport, executive gardening services, no job too large or small—who was on the receiving end of Reece’s admiration.
Mrs. Henley-Smythe had told Reece to expect the gardener by midday as she’d flounced out of the door to a charity lunch with her friends at the golf club. Reece hadn’t thought any more of it until one of the hottest guys he’d ever seen had strutted across the lawn to the shed and started hauling out tools.
Since that moment, his brain had struggled to think straight. He’d opened gloss rather than silk and had dripped a blob of paint on the windowsill that had needed to be wiped up.
He stroked the brush downwards a few inches then stopped.
His breath hitched and his belly clenched. Cade, the gardener, was now stooped over, fiddling with a mower and presenting his sweet arse for Reece to ogle. “Damn,” Reece muttered, as a familiar tingle stirred his cock. “That’s a sight for sore eyes.”
It had been several months since he’d last had any bedroom fun and that had been a one-night rebound. Since Matthew and he had split, there’d been nobody serious in his life. There couldn’t be, the breakup had hurt too damn much. Instead, he’d immersed himself in his one-man-band decorating business and although not rocket science or particularly challenging, it paid the bills—just—and kept him from wallowing in the agony of having been lied to and cheated on.

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