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Monday, January 19, 2015

Shifter Protection Specialist, Inc, by SA Welsh

Hi, I am SA Welsh and I'd like to tell you a little about my new series Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. The first thing you need to know is that this series isn’t about a group of shiny heroes without a hair out of place that shift into cuddly animals that you can take on long walks in the park at sunset. No, Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. is made up of hardened predatory shifters from all over the globe that have true horrors in their past. They have suffered, whether at the hands of their own families, in captivity by black market traders wanting to make money off of them or scientists experimenting on them, fighting to live on the merciless streets of Russia and New York or hiding from hunters seeking their heads as trophies. The men and brothers of Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. have become survivors through pain, perseverance and the sheer stubbornness and will to live.   
Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. is a group of dangerous and exceptionally rare shifters found, rescued and trained to protect themselves and others by a human called Robert. Robert's brother Scott created the company and he has carved out a home for them all, a place for them to build a life for themselves and use their unique skills to help others in need of protection. They are more than protection specialists, more than friends, they are brothers and will fight and die for each other.
The people who come to them seeking protection do so because Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. are the best, the most effective, discreet and the most vicious if crossed. They protect people who cannot protect themselves. Aleksi is a sabre-tooth tiger and the first of the shifters to find a mate, but the only problem is that his mate is a famous male model who seems to have attracted a dangerous fanatic obsessed with the idea of owning him.

Here is an Excerpt from book one in the Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. series, Purrfect Protector.
“Well, Mr. Andrews, it appears there is nothing we can do for you.” Scott McCade clasped his hands together and leaned back in his chair.


Mr. McCade cut him off with a wave of his hand. “I was talking to your brother. He seems to be the one with the sense.”

Shocked, Kale sat back. What had he done to deserve such a dismissal?

“Please. Despite what my brother thinks, this is serious. It started with a few letters every month or so, then every week to every day, and now he’s getting packages like this with cards saying ‘I’ll be watching over you, my love’. This is escalating and I don’t want to wait around to see what comes next. The hotel security where my brother lives had a breach yesterday when an unidentified male managed to gain access to Kale’s floor. I can’t always be with him when he’s on a campaign or at an event, and I don’t think I’m much protection when I am. I need your company’s help.”

Kale shot a sideways glance at Caleb. His brother was putting it on a bit thick. Sure, he had a fan who was more than a little creepy, but that was it. His hotel housed some very famous people—far more famous than him—and they didn’t take security lightly.

Caleb tightened his jaw and the vein on this brother’s forehead pulsed. His brother was really scared about this.

Mr. McCade sat forward again and placed his hands on the stack of letters Kale guessed were addressed to him or Caleb. “I can offer several protection options, but unless your brother agrees, there is nothing we can do to protect him.”

“I agree,” Kale said quietly. If he’d thought all this had really bothered Caleb so much, he wouldn’t have been so difficult.

Scott McCade looked at him with a strange expression, and Kale had the feeling that he had risen in the man’s estimation.

“Very well, then. I agree with your brother, Mr. Andrews. You need protection, but I also get the feeling that you aren’t going to be an easy protectee. You are gay, correct?”
Instantly on guard, Kale sat back and narrowed his gaze. “Yes.”

“Good. That will make it easier to explain the presence of the man I’m assigning to protect you. He’ll be your lover.”

“My lover?”

“Yes. To explain why he’ll be on set with you, you can tell everyone who asks that he’s the jealous sort or that he loves watching you work,” Mr. McCade clarified in a tone that suggested he was already making plans and Kale’s agreement had merely been a formality.

Kale’s thoughts were confirmed when the man picked up the phone handset and asked the secretary to call in someone called Aleksi. Mr. McCade turned his attention back to them with a slight smile that Kale didn’t trust.

“Aleksi will join us in a few minutes. I hope you don’t have a problem with cats.”

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