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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shuttered, by Emma Jane

Hi, my name's Emma Jane and I'm the author of Shuttered.
When wildlife and landscape photographer Daniel Hopson gets a reading from clairvoyant Rowan Foster at a local craft fair, he quickly realizes it’s a con. But he sees the charm behind the chancer's fa├žade, and so rather than expose him, he starts to date him—only to discover that some of Rowan’s other cons are far more serious.

The so-called psychic owes ten thousand pounds to two men after deceitfully claiming to be able to find the body of their murdered mother. Daniel must help Rowan recover the genuine gift he possessed in childhood and contact the spirits before the men catch up to them—and the key to doing so might be Daniel’s telepathic connection with his dog Sasha.
Daniel is a pretty private person. While not exactly closeted, he's not openly gay either. He lives on his own in a small town in the countryside and spends most of his time with his dog. He loves nature and is passionate about photography. His family are important to him too - his grandparents raised him and his sister - and Daniel will often visit and help them out when they need him.
Daniel's very loyal and loving and will do anything for anyone. He's not afraid to fight for those he loves and is very protective of Rowan.
While he's very down-to-earth and not inclined to believe in the supernatural, he accepts his ability to communicate with his dog as just a part of him. He doesn't know how or why he can hear her, he's just happy that he can.
Rowan is a very confident, openly gay man. A chancer and a rogue, he's usually getting himself into trouble. He's very good at reading people and uses this in his psychic "act," though right up until his teens he was genuinely able to speak to spirits.
His mother and father live a self-sufficient lifestyle in a woodland somewhere in Hampshire. They're very loving and very much in love and so Rowan had a stable - if somewhat unusual - upbringing. He describes his parents as "hippies" and has a close relationship with them.
Rowan is initially driven by greed - perhaps because of his upbringing. He wants excitement and when he cons the Millers out of their money, he spends it all away on parties and men. Meeting Daniel calms him and he becomes more caring and less selfish.
“Today I’m doing psychometry,” Rowan said. “I just need to hold something.” Daniel flushed, and Rowan grinned, showing his white teeth. “A possession,” he added.
Daniel cleared his throat and removed his grandfather’s signet ring from his finger. “This do?”
“That will do perfectly.” Rowan took the ring and held it closed in his palm. He let out a slow breath, which Daniel was sure was for show, rubbed his thumb over the ring a couple of times, and nodded as if he’d just heard something. “You’re a very outdoorsy type, very nature orientated. You’re a gentle soul, I feel, yet firm when you need to be. You enjoy walking.”
Daniel folded his arms, unimpressed.
“You have a dog,” Rowan continued. “A white dog.”
“White and brown, actually,” Daniel said, picking one of Sasha’s hairs off his jumper.
Rowan smiled. “You’re… thirty-one.”
“And live alone.”
He shrugged. “Good guess.”
Rowan laughed. “You’re closing yourself to me, Daniel, look at your body language. Relax.”
Daniel uncrossed his arms and put his hands on the table instead. “Tell me something that you haven’t guessed from seeing my photographs.” Rowan’s eyes flicked to the other end of the room, to where his stands were.
“You’re gay,” Rowan said.
Daniel’s jaw clenched, and he pulled back across the table, but Rowan clasped his hands and held him there. “It’s okay!” Rowan said.
“How do you know?” Daniel asked, frowning.
“I’ve seen you watching me. You hold my gaze when I look at you, and your pupils dilate.” He grinned and added, “Or I’m psychic.”
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