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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Total Submission: book 3 Bound and Bonded by Lisa Oliver

Total Submission isn’t all about the ropes and chains

Total Submission – Book 3 Bound and Bonded Series – by Lisa Oliver  (MM gay paranormal erotic romance – wolf shifter, cat shifter, HEA)

The Bound and Bonded series is about a wolf pack that only has gay members, living in Washington D.C.  Rather than have a pack house the club/pack is run from a BDSM club, headed by Pearson the Alpha who found his mate, Dante in book 2 of the series (Topping the Dom).

Book 3 of the Bound and Bonded Series
Can be read as a standalone.
Kyle, one of the head enforcers of the Washington Pack, wants nothing more than to find the evidence he needs to convince his Alpha that the man he is following is gay, so he can head back home.  Being in Iowa is doing his head in.  But a fleeting encounter in a gay nightclub, has Kyle rethinking his priorities because out of nowhere, he had scented his true mate.

Teric is a cat-shifter with a job to do and more than a few secrets of his own.  Scenting Kyle at a nightclub is the last thing he needed, but Fate intervenes.
When the two men meet, secrets come out and for the safety of his pack, Kyle has to let Teric do his job.  But what happened to the total submission he had spent his life dreaming about?

In this book I wanted to explore the idea that submission doesn’t necessarily mean submitting to bondage or discipline, but rather an admission of what two men could feel for each other.  The elements of dominance and submission are already evident in the animal world, and I wanted to bring some of that into this story.  Kyle, lead enforcer of the Washington pack, has always dreamed he would find a cute little twink as a mate.  One who was happy to serve him, both in bed and out, and who would allow Kyle to be the decision maker, and protector of their household.

What he got instead was Teric, a cat shifter, on assignment – definitely pretty and small enough to be a twink, but Teric is an assassin for the Shifter Council. Not at all what Kyle had been expecting, but as happens in true mate shifter stories, he is powerless to do anything but claim the man.

For anyone who has read the other books in the series you will know the Washington pack is under threat from the mysterious Faro, who Teric has been ordered to track down and kill.  There are also problems with Teric’s cat shifter status within the pack that the two men have to overcome.  The book can be read as a standalone though as enough back story is in this book to give the reader a strong sense of what is going on.  

I like the submissives in my story to be strong and Teric is definitely that, although not so much in the physical sense. There are very few BDSM elements in this book, so for those of you who aren’t comfortable with that lifestyle, this book shouldn’t put you off.  It is a love story, between men, and to me there is nothing more beautiful than an HEA.

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