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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sci-fi + love + Valentine's Day = Love Universal

 This is my lighthearted attempt to write a sci-fi story that doesn’t take place in the future or in space. I set it around Valentine’s Day because some out-of-this-world Valentines cards with an alien theme caught my attention and planted a seed for a story. That and I listen to George Norry Coast to Coast AM every night to get my alien/UFO fix. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I did writing it.

John Russell, a UFOlogist, comes home for a much needed break, only to find his ex-lover Adien Kaper has moved in next door. They made a perfect couple except one thing: Adien doesn’t believe in UFOs or extraterrestrials.

After spotting a meteor shower, John goes to investigate, only to find a dark crystal. Later, that same crystal produces an alien who is looking for Adien. It seems Adien is needed back home on Xulpath as soon as possible.

But Adien doesn’t believe he’s an alien and he doesn’t want to go.

After Adien’s memory block wears off and he accepts who he is, trouble starts brewing. The government gets wind that there are aliens around and they want the aliens. John, with the help of his grandmother and Dr. Kolbi, try to help the aliens get back home.

The thing is, John really doesn’t want Adien to leave without him.
By way of welcome-home parties, this one was a galactic pain in the ass.

Not that John begrudged his family making a minor fuss. After all, this was his first time home in a year. His career as an UFOlogist had blossomed in cosmic proportions, and when he wasn’t in the field investigating reports of unidentified flying objects, he was attending conferences or interviewing with well-established radio and television programs dedicated to the UFO phenomenon.

With a carefully veiled frown, John eyed the gaiety of the bash. This was no intimate family gathering. His generational home seemed to bust at the seams as numerous people milled about, nibbling on snacks, their chatter and laughter blending with the soft jazz music.

Mixing my homecoming with a pre-Valentine’s party? Whose half-baked idea was this?

Though he knew a lot of precise and loving detail had gone into executing such a grand event, the swell of people caused him to sweat, while anxiety danced on his nerve endings. He really came home to get away from the crowds, to recover from guest panels and, recently, from filming UFOs and Aliens: Believe, a television show for a popular cable station.

John shifted his weight to one foot, then to the other, inching closer to the dining room and its sliding glass doors. Freedom lay just beyond the tiki-torchlit, snow-covered patio, and he yearned to disappear in the darkness.

“Quite the homecoming, isn’t it, Son?” John’s father, Colonel Frank Russell, blocked the way to a fast exit.

John swallowed his dismay at the setback. “Yeah, you could say that.”

His father grinned with pride. “Your sisters promised to keep it intimate, but your grandmother got involved…and, well, you know how that turned out.”

John waved a hand at all the streamers, balloons, and hanging hearts. “It looks like Cupid threw up.”

“Nothing but the best for her out-of-this-world grandson!” John’s father nodded toward the guests. “Half of Crawford County is here.”

“I see.” John’s lips curved into a strained smile. “The party was…thoughtful.”

“But not what you wanted.” His father’s wise gaze bore down on him.

“Is it that noticeable?”

His father shrugged. “To me.”

“I was kinda hoping to shuffle into town without notice.” John shoved his hands deep into his trouser pockets and rocked back on his heels. “This past year has left me a little burned-out on questions and crowds.”

“So you came home to recharge your batteries?”

“Something like that.”

“Dear, don’t be a wallflower.” John’s grandmother approached him on his right, poking her slim, manicured fingernail in his ribs. “It won’t kill you to mingle.”

John blew a frustrated breath. “I don’t know half these people.”

“That’s fine. They know you.” She leaned in, her whiskey voice low in his ear. “You’re a celebrity. It would behoove you to make some normal social contacts instead of the circle of space cadets you seem to favor. You know, the ones whose mental health is questionable at best.”

John shook his head with fondness. His grandmother had never understood his interest in UFO-alien phenomena or his choice of such an uncommon career. She had, however, chosen to overlook that fact and instead enjoy the bragging rights of having a grandson established on several media platforms.

“May I remind you, Grandma Nadia, you have questioned my mental health on occasion.”

His grandmother threw her regal shoulders back with an indignant bravado. “As is my maternal prerogative when you start traipsing after shuttle crafts and little bug-eyed green men.”

“Greys,” John corrected. “The small ones are called Greys.”

“Yes, dear.” She patted his hand to humor him. “All the aliens that are keeping my only grandson away from settling down with someone special.” She looped her arm through his and guided him toward the buffet table. Snagging two champagne flutes, she handed one to him and then raised her glass toward the crowd. “Surely there’s someone here who will fit the bill. Go. Mingle. Have some fun for a change. Besides, you may be surprised who could be standing around, waiting for you to say hi.”

The twinkle in his grandmother’s eye made him suspicious. “What have you done?”

“Oh, nothing.” She nodded toward a short man with thinning hair, his front facing the lit fireplace. “Say something.”

John’s stomach dropped. He didn’t need to say anything. He had said it all a few months ago.

Standing there was his ex-lover, Adien.

At first, John’s anger burned and then cooled with curiosity. He excused himself from his grandmother and approached the man. “Adien, what are you doing here?”

The man turned around with a pleased smile and a nervous twitch in his left cheek. “John. It’s good to see you again.”

John wasn’t going to get sucked in by Adien’s charm. “You didn’t answer my question. What are you doing here?”

“Your grandmother invited me.”

Suspicion reigned in John’s mind. “How did she know to invite you?”

“She was being neighborly.” Adien pushed his dark-framed glasses up his nose. “I bought the house next door.”

“What? The old Jakowski house?”

“Yeah. It has charm. Needs a little work, but otherwise—”

John balked. “That’s a little stalkerish.” Not only that, but how hard will it be to see Adien every day knowing we’re not together anymore?

Adien held his palms up. “What? I needed a house.” His gaze darted away. “I had no idea it was next to your grandmother’s home.”

“Like hell you didn’t.”

“Okay, so I did.” Adien shoved his hands in his front pants pockets and hung his head. “But it’s only because I wanted to be close to you.”

“Like I said, it smacks of being a stalker.” Outside, John wore a serious mask. Inside, he melted a little at Adien’s words.

Adien whipped up his head. “I’m not a stalker. You know I love you. And I know you loved me.”

John sighed. “Loved being the key word. Past tense. I am over you.” Or trying to be. Why did we break up again?

Hurt flared in Adien’s dark eyes, replaced by determination. “Give me another chance.”


Adien batted his eyes. “Because it’s Valentine’s Day?”

“Not quite.” John snorted. “You’re a week early. Try again?”

“Because I was wrong?”

John withdrew his smartphone from his pants pocket. “That needs to go down on the calendar. Adien Kaper actually admits he’s wrong about something.”

“Please.” Adien’s shoulders dropped. “I’m trying here.”

“Look, it was all said months ago.” John gripped Adien’s upper arm. Adien’s warmth and firm muscle under John’s fingers caused a momentary lapse in John’s resolve. “You hate me traveling. You don’t believe in UFOs or aliens. You want me to grow up and stop wasting my time.”

“Come on! I admitted that I was wrong. Besides, those things were said in haste.”

“Which time? That was all we ever fought about.”

Adien drew closer to John and lowered his voice. “With much passion. There were heated moments of other pleasant things. And we were pretty lusty in our bedroom adventures.”

John raised an eyebrow. The memories spurred by that statement fired a laser beam of desire straight to his cock. Yeah, he had to admit, the sex had been good. But had it been good enough to get back into a relationship with Adien? Hadn’t that shuttle craft blasted off?


Love: Universal

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