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Monday, February 2, 2015

Talking Ménages at Delectable Vines

Welcome to Delectable Vines. We are located in the rolling hills of Virginia near the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains and Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. Here at Delectable Vines we create specialty wines and mead enjoyed by humans and Fae. At our off-site brewery, Delectable Brews, we offer amazing micro-brews and meals that will keep you coming back.

There is also one tiny thing that we kind of don’t want getting around. We, the five owners of Delectable Vines, are also the guardian of a treasure that in the wrong hands could put the balance between our worlds in jeopardy. We are also looking for the final piece of our family. We spent one magnificent night with him during our annual Beltaine masque, but he was gone before we could cement our bond.

Our leader, Rex, is worried. And, while we might enjoy helping him relieve any stress he’s under, we’re also feeling out of sorts. We know the only way to keep from being pulled under by the factions who want the treasure for nefarious means is to find him. He is the one who will not only keep us balanced, but also the Fae realm, Tír inna n-Óc.
What would you do if for one night you were the center of attention for five men? What would you do if you couldn’t stop thinking about that night? These two questions are at the forefront of my mind. They overrule everything else going on in my life. Which on one hand isn’t all that bad, but on the other, I’m floundering, gasping for air and grasping for something tangible to cling to.

Who am I? Oh, sorry. I’m Xeno Anders and I think my life is about to explode. Not that it hasn’t already. I mean what was I thinking the night I went to that masque. I know I had just had my summer plans ripped out from under me by my ex-boyfriend, but I hadn’t planned on having a one night stand with not one but five stunning men. Nor did I expect to feel a lingering ache in my chest when I thought about that night.

Now it seems as if the Fates have something more in store for me and I’m not sure I’m ready for what it all means. I wasn’t expecting to see them again. And I definitely wasn’t expecting to find out my mother was keeping a huge secret from me.

Blurb for Apple Mead:
After a nasty break-up, Xeno decides to try something new. He’s not completely ready for what happens next.
For one night Xeno wants to be the centre of someone’s attention. He doesn’t bargain on becoming the most important member of the Fae guardians.
Xeno’s life suddenly changes when he takes another chance with the five men he met on Beltaine. Seeing them again awakens not only Xeno’s deep-seated desires but also a connection the Fae need.
What happens when Xeno agrees to move in? How will that impact the rest of his life? Xeno is about to find out the answers to those questions and a whole lot more. Is he ready to find out the truth and embrace his life as a member of the Fae? Only Xeno can answer those questions. Should be an interesting journey.

Here is an excerpt of that fateful night at the masque…

Excerpt from Apple Mead:
At Rex’s nod, the others stripped down and moved closer. Jude and Niko stepped behind Rex, removing his clothes. Beauty started to writhe in his arms. Rex lifted Beauty and carried him to the large round bed in the center of the room, the sexy young man moaning and begging incoherently.
“Niko, I think our Beauty needs some relief,” Rex said. Niko swallowed down Beauty’s dick, and Rex could see Niko’s fingers playing with Beauty’s balls. Pushing Beauty’s legs up, Cyd tilted his hips and slid a pillow underneath. Niko moved to one side, while Cyd eased down and laved attention on Beauty’s hole. One leg rested on Cyd’s shoulder. The other was spread out to one side with Niko straddling it. Jude and Ace attacked Beauty’s nipples, biting and sucking and tormenting. Rex stood at the edge of the bed, stroking his cock as he watched his men take Beauty to extreme heights of pleasure.
“Oh, God, please,” Beauty begged. His eyes opened wide and he stared at Rex. Beauty licked his lips. “Fuck me. Please. Fuck me.”
Cyd moved away from Beauty’s twitching hole. Niko pulled off Beauty’s cock with a pop, but kept his hand wrapped around the hard length. Jude and Ace moved up, their cocks bobbing near Beauty’s mouth. Rex knelt between Beauty’s legs, draping them over his shoulders and pressing the head of his cock against Beauty’s ass. Rex reached out and touched Beauty’s cheek. “You’re safe with us, Beauty.” A quick flash of awareness sparkled in Beauty’s golden gaze. He nodded and Rex pushed forward, impaling the firm, lithe body on his dick. Rex groaned and Beauty’s eyes rolled back in his head, mouth gaping open.
Ace took advantage and slid his dripping cock into Beauty’s mouth, groaning as Beauty worked his cock with his throat and tongue. Rex fucked their young lover slowly. Watching the muscles move in Beauty’s throat, Rex picked up the force and speed of his thrusts. A scream tore out of Beauty’s mouth as hot cum filled the space between them. Beauty’s ass clamped down on Rex’s cock. Rex exploded inside Beauty at the same time that Ace shot all over Beauty’s face and chest. Sharp cries and more warm wetness landed on Rex and Beauty as Jude, Cyd and Niko jerked themselves off.
The rest of that night was a blur of bodies as they each took turns fucking Xeno.

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