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Monday, March 30, 2015

Temple's touch!

Hello, I’m Amber Kell. I’m mostly known for paranormal and fantasy writing. I enjoy adding a bit of magic into stories. If a series on a college campus is good perhaps one where hot wizards, djinn and werewolves roam would be better. Some people don’t enjoy fantasy books but I enjoy adding a little extra to my stories. In my stories the suspension of belief is generally held up by the wings of dragons.

In this world schoolwork is tough, relationships are tougher and most problems can be hashed out over pizza at the local restaurant run by gnomes. I enjoy mixing paranormals in my stories. How different species interact and their different cultures can create a richer fantasy world. No one is the same in real life so I try to give people their own identity in my imaginary worlds. When building a fantasy world anything can happen. Three-headed dragons can be a wizard’s avatar and a shy wolf shifter can get the man of his dreams.

Temple’s Touch is the last book in My Wizard’s Touch series. Where the first five follow a group of friends the last book is about the son of one of the couples. My fans had wanted to know what happens when they all grew up so I thought I’d show them. Although each book can be read as a standalone, reading them in order is much better.

Excerpt from Temple’s Touch:

Temple still had to convince his best friend to join them in the new pack but he didn’t worry—Maddie never told him no. The two of them had been inseparable since Maddie had come to live with the pack at the tender age of eight. Temple had found him clinging to a bit of roofing wreckage after a horrible flood swelled the river and took out Maddie’s home. He didn’t know what had happened to the rest of Maddie’s family and, as far as he knew, their alpha had never found any other survivors. Temple had abandoned asking Maddie questions years ago after a harmless inquiry had reduced Maddie’s glowing green eyes to the hollow-eyed gaze of someone who‘d survived a deep trauma.
The memory jerked him back to the present in time to avoid walking into a tree. At the sight of all the flowering branches his heart ached. “Maddie, you would love this place.” Maddie adored gardening.
Maddie had stood by Temple when he learned he couldn’t shift, and held him when he’d sobbed over not being enough of a wolf. Both his siblings could shift, so Temple had always assumed he would, too.

Although Temple wouldn’t exchange his father for anyone on the planet, that didn’t take away the bittersweet pain of not being like the rest of the pack. His eyes, teeth and hands could shift but a full body transformation never happened. No one knew why except maybe his hybrid nature didn’t have enough wolf genetics. Hereditary traits were a chancy thing and he’d received more wizard traits than either of his siblings.

Temple wouldn’t mind if no one on campus knew about his background, but hybrids were rare and he doubted it would take long before word spread. With his bloodlines and connections, keeping a low profile wouldn’t happen. His uncles were notoriously mated to powerful wizards and although they didn’t say anything, he knew they were hoping he’d find a mate outside the pack. Everyone knew how much it hurt him not to run with the rest of the wolves.
He paused at the bottom of the steps to the Administrative Building. Once he went through those doors, everything would become real. “I can do this,” he whispered.
An image of Maddie’s encouraging gaze flashed into his head. If he backed down now, he’d disappoint his dearest friend. Maddie had spent long hours helping Temple pick out classes and clothes and even gave him a concentration stone. Temple dipped his index finger into his right pocket and rubbed the bit of onyx for good luck.

“Here I go.”
He climbed a few more steps. Lion statues guarded the entryway. When he came even with the beasts, their eyes began to glow blue. Temple growled and the lighted gazes dimmed. “Stupid statues,” he grumbled. Statuary shouldn’t challenge his wolf. Continuing through the entryway, he headed for the door labeled Headmaster’s Office.

Blurb for Temple’s Touch:

This is book six in the A Wizard's Touch series, see the full series listing here

Sometimes true love is right in front of you.
Madison Archer dreams of the day he can claim Temple as his mate. However, when Temple heads off to school Maddie worries he’ll be forgotten among Temple’s new friends. Maybe a half wolf can’t understand the bond between mates.
Temple Stewartson has always loved Madison Archer. Childhood friends, they were now old enough to start their own lives. However, Temple doesn’t want to leave the pack without Madison by his side. So when Maddie disappears, Temple is willing to do anything to get his man back.

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