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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dragons, witches and goblins? Oh MY!

When I wrote "On Dragon's Wings" I was inspired by an image of a small, multicolored lizard that looked as if he was smiling while his picture was being taken. The book is an Are best seller and has just been revealed as an LR Café nominee for Best Fantasy 2014.
The book includes dragon shifters, witches, and goblins and is a perfect inclusion for all things paranormal.
My idea for the book was that the little guy was a shifter but that this small, helpless lizard form was due to a curse and that his real form was something much bigger and far more dangerous. In conjunction with the smallness of his cursed form would be acting like a big kid so that it's impossible to treat him seriously.
From that idea grew the book. Although there are shifters in the human world, Prince Uther is a dragon shifter from the Fae world. He's under a curse and while a way is found to break the curse he's placed in the care of cousins and roommates Noah and James who have no idea they are caring for anything more than a pet lizard.
Noah works hard to make a living with the small coffee shop he runs. He works so hard that he really has no time for anything else. When food he's made for the café vanishes from his fridge, he blames his cousin James, until he finds a stranger, naked and eating his cakes, in their kitchen.
On seeing the stranger, James realises he's been given a shifter to care for and calls their Aunt Tawny. Noah has no idea that James's side of his family have connections with the Fae world and finds it all very hard to take in.
When Aunt Tawny arrives, she explains that Uther is the crown prince of a small kingdom in the world of Fae and cursed by a dark witch. Time is also running out for Uther. As heir apparent he must appear at the Crown Ball in his true form to announce his willingness to take a mate. If Uther fails to do this, his cousin will rule in his stead.
While James and Aunt Tawny visit the Fae world to find a way of breaking the curse, Noah is tasked with caring for Uther. Despite their less than ideal meeting, Noah finds it hard to dislike Uther. Uther himself seems very much taken with Noah who worries about the attraction as he sees Uther as very child-like.
 Recognising the growing affection between them, Aunt Tawny assures Noah that Uther is far from a child and tells him to see Uther with his heart and not his eyes.
Catapulted into the Fae world to escape goblins sent after Uther, Noah must protect the man he's grown to love. They face a race against time and must defeat dark forces to break the curse to enable Uther to take his rightful place.

                                                                                                                                         When his roommate brings home a lizard, Noah has no idea his life is about to change out of all recognition. Uther is a shifter, a prince, and under a curse. Catapulted unexpectedly into the world of Fae and shifters, Noah must help Uther stay one step ahead of the witch who cursed him, as well as get him home in time to claim his crown. Noah is also resisting a growing attraction for Uther. But Uther has other ideas, and when Noah's life is endangered he's prepared to do anything it takes to save his mate.

Punching his pillow for what felt like the millionth time, Noah flopped onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. Sleep wasn’t coming, and he decided he might as well make use of the time by getting a few more cakes baked. He could have them in the oven by the time he’d boiled a kettle and made tea and let them bake while he sat with the drink.
The plan held much more merit than lying in bed and staring at the ceiling did, which was the only alternative. Noah pulled on a T-shirt and headed downstairs. Rubbing his eyes, he headed toward the kitchen, almost on autopilot.
Then he stopped and stared and rubbed his eyes again. The same blue-haired stranger from two nights ago sat next to the fridge. Noah snatched up his rolling pin, which he always left on the counter, and adopted what he hoped looked like a fighting stance, the rolling pin raised.
The unknown man stared back at Noah, his cheeks bulging slightly from the cake he’d just stuffed unceremoniously inside his mouth as if trying to hide it.
Noah was stunned the man showed neither fear nor reaction to Noah standing there with a rolling pin at the ready. “James get in here. We’ve got an intruder. Hurry!” Noah shouted, keeping his makeshift weapon poised.
The stranger looked away, his gaze darting back to the fridge as if deciding what to steal next.
“Don’t even think about it.” Noah dropped his voice to a warning growl.
“What intruder? Oh fuck. Why didn’t Aunt Tawny tell me she was giving me a shifter?”
“Need-to-know basis.” The words were garbled but recognizable as the stranger tried to swallow the last of the cake.
“Hey. He’s nearly naked. And what do you mean, shifter?” Noah looked from the man sitting on the floor to his roommate as if they were in collusion. Then it struck him. “Shifter? He’s that… lizard?” Images of him pottering around naked while preparing food when James was out for the night made his cheeks burn with embarrassment.
The stranger snickered as if knowing exactly what was going through Noah’s mind. “Nicely hung. For a human.”
Lowering the rolling pin, Noah’s shoulders slumped. “I didn’t know your side mixed with shifters.”
James ran his hands through his hair. “If Aunt Tawny hasn’t told me, then it’s not simple or straightforward. In fact, it’s likely to be downright dangerous.”
A thrill skittered down Noah’s spine. “What do we do? Hey! Stop that!”
The shifter had clearly decided he and James were of no more interest to him and was busily eating another of Noah’s cupcakes. “Hungry. Sweet. Nice.”
“I know they’re nice. I made them. You can’t be hungry. You’ve had lots of fruit and vegetables.” Noah stood, hands on hips, glaring at the shifter.
“Pfft. This is better.” The shifter stuck out his tongue and carried on devouring the cake with gusto.
“Er… I think I’d best try and get hold of Aunt Tawny. Find out why I got to keep charge of a lizard shifter.”

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