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Monday, April 13, 2015

Start the week with word from the Oracle

Hi! I’m JJ Black and I am an author of paranormal romance, and I’m here today to talk about Ask the Oracle. I’ve always been a sucker for a good love story and the only way to make one better, in my opinion, is to add a little magic. Werewolves, demons and Oracles…oh my! In my world, the supernatural has become normal, love isn’t restricted by species and problems can’t always be solved by a quick call to the authorities. Thankfully, the team at Revelations is there to step in and lend their expertise.

Owned and operated by Oracle Grayson Muir, Revelations boasts a diverse staff, with consultants made up of the most qualified practitioners in their fields. With a psychic, a private investigator, and a warlock, just to name a few, no problem is too big or too small. Whether the problems are magical or mundane, the team at Revelations is prepared to deal with any issue life throws your way and reveal the answers you seek.

Ask the Oracle is the first book in the Revelations series and focuses on Grayson Muir, the company’s founder. Grayson is rumored to be the most powerful Oracle in history, which makes his gift a highly sought after commodity. With potential clients traveling from around the world for a chance to work with him, Gray is comfortable with the direction his life is heading. However, when an unexpected visitor drops in with an urgent request for help, Gray has a feeling his cookie cutter, perfect life will never be the same.

Blurb for Ask the Oracle:

This is book one in the Revelations series, see the full series listing here

When you absolutely have to know…
Grayson Muir is a know-it-all. No, seriously…he really does know it all. The strength of his abilities has him rumored to be the most powerful Oracle in the world. Gray couldn’t care less. All his life, Gray has played by his own rules. Whether through his own private clients or his work with the police, his only goal has been to use his gift to help as many people and paras as he can. With abilities like Gray’s, he doesn’t have time for any distractions.
Unfortunately, that is exactly what he gets when Andreo Demos, a six-hundred-year-old Lust Demon, pays him an unexpected visit. Dreo has been sent by the Demon Council with an appeal for assistance. The Lord of the Underworld has been murdered, the Demon kingdom has been thrown into chaos and Gray’s help is needed to identify the murderer.
Gray has his doubts. Demons don’t have the best reputations, after all. Still, despite his reservations, there is something about Dreo that calls to him. Whether it’s his dark good looks or the startling knowledge that Dreo believes they are destined mates, Gray can’t help but agree to offer his assistance.
Unfortunately, their road to happiness isn’t destined to be an easy one. Between court intrigue, their own unexpected mating and a murderer still on the loose, they are definitely going to have their work cut out for them. What are the chances, they’ll get their happy ending? Ask the Oracle.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and non-consensual touching.
Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Excerpt from Ask the Oracle:

“How can I help you today, Mr Demos?” The words were polite and professional. His suggestive tone was anything but. Gray drank in the sight of the tall Demon as he fought back the urge to climb his body like a tree. Man, did he want another taste of that.

“There are many ways you can help me, Grayson Muir, but for now, we will settle for the matter of you taking on my case and discovering who killed our Lord. I have allowed you more than enough time to consider the matter,” Dreo stated firmly. “I need your answer. If I cannot secure your assistance, we will need to look into other means of resolving the situation.”

Gray frowned. “When we spoke before, you insinuated that I was your only option to fix the problem. Now, you seem to be brimming with solutions. What’s changed?”

Crossing his thick arms over his chest, Dreo scowled down at Gray. “I never said that you were our only solution, just the best one. We have other means of flushing out the perpetrator, however, they wouldn’t be as tactful as having you discover the truth.” Dreo shrugged, dismissively. “In lieu of other alternatives, we can always declare a hunt for the guilty party. Eventually, he or she will be brought to justice, but innocents may be harmed in the process. Utilizing your gifts would help us minimize the reality of unwanted violence.”

Dreo’s expression was fierce, further inciting the hunger building inside Gray. He was consumed with thoughts of his Demon stripping him bare and mounting him in the office lobby, without a care to may see their coupling. It was disconcerting to say the least. While Dreo’s expression was all business, Gray could see the barely contained fire in Dreo’s eyes. He wasn’t as unaffected as he might like to appear. Gray smirked, a sense of victory filling him.

“Sarah! How’s the rest of my day looking?” He threw a look over his shoulder, smiling in the face of her scowl. She really hated when he shouted for her.

“You’re clear for the rest of the weekend,” she announced a few key strokes later. “You don’t have another appointment until Monday afternoon.” Her smug expression made Gray want to pinch her. She knew he wasn’t happy about this job. He’d been hoping she would be a good friend and give him an out. Glowering at her lack of loyalty, he received a finger wave in response. Giving her up as a lost cause, he turned back to the sexy Demon who was staring at him expectantly.

“Fine!” Exasperated, he grabbed his jacket off the stand by the door. “If you need anything, I’ll probably be unreachable. Hell gets terrible cell service.”

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