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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Time to touch the sky!

Hey everyone! I’m M.A. Church, and I’m here to talk about my latest novel called To Touch the Sky from Dreamspinner, which released April 3rd. It’s a paranormal/shifter novel that focuses on a modern man named Simon. He’s a blond-haired, brown-eyed twink with a snarky mouth and a bulldog attitude to match. He might be on the short side, but he doesn’t let that affect his wants and desires. 
On the recommendation of a co-worker, Simon visits a bar out in the middle of nowhere. What he finds there changes his life. The sexy Native American owner of the bar pulls at something deep inside Simon. Simon wants Hawk in a way he’s never wanted another man. Too bad Hawk isn’t onboard with the idea. But even as Hawk runs, Simon refuses to give up. There’s just something there. Nevertheless, even a bulldog can take only so much rejection.
Hawk, a Native American shifter, has lived since before the white appeared on the shores of what we now call America. Hawk witnessed a horror, firsthand, that has scarred him for life. He failed once in keeping a loved one safehow can he ever accept the responsibility of a mate? This once-proud warrior has shut himself off from life. While still struggling with that loss, he’s gifted with a vision of his blond-haired, brown-eyed mate—a mate he refuses to accept. 
Now, in present time, Hawk owns a bar, has casual sex, and never, ever dates men that match his vision. His life is how he wants it, even if his friends don’t agree. Little does Hawk know that Wha-tay, the Great Spirit, isn’t happy with the situation, either.
When these two worlds collide, who will be the winner? Can the Native American shifter learn to let the past go and forgive himself? But… can Simon accept there are beings out there that are… less than human? 

He can run, but he can’t hide… 
Centuries ago, Hawk made a terrible mistake which has haunted him since. Fear of responsibility and feelings of unworthiness leads him to denying the mate Wha-tay showed him in a vision. So now Hawk runs his bar, has casual sex, and never, ever dates men with blond hair and brown eyes. But then Simon walks into his bar, and the future he’s feared is about to end up in a brawl if Hawk doesn’t do something—fast. 
Simon Carter has a smart mouth and a bulldog temperament. So when Hawk runs, Simon pursues the sexy man, only to be rejected. Just as Simon decides to give up, someone—or something—visits him to change his mind… and scares him to death. Now Simon is backpedaling, and Hawk is in pursuit. 
Desperate to reassure Simon and keep him safe, Hawk is forced to reveal his secrets before he’s ready. Can Simon learn to accept things aren’t always as they seem? Is the connection between them strong enough to help Hawk overcome centuries of pain? The only way the two men will move beyond Hawk’s past is for both of them to take a leap of faith.

Two hours later he was back up, pacing the floor, beyond annoyed. Why was he doing this now? He knew who his mate was supposed to be, and he wanted no part of it. He was responsible for himself only, and he liked it that way. Too bad the spirit that shared his body didn’t agree.
Really? What about all those people at the bar who depend on you?
“It’s not the same thing, and you know it.” A quick glance out his bedroom window confirmed dawn was about to break.
Freaking A, arguing with you is like arguing with a signpost. Why don’t you go stretch your wings, old man? We’ll chill on the breeze. Shift and we’ll find a nice juicy pigeon or rabbit for breakfast. That sounds dee-lish.
Hawk rolled his neck. His totem spirit’s mentality was that of a fifteen-year-old hopped up on sugar and running on three hours of sleep. The spirit was very old, but damned if it acted its age.
Whatever, dude. Just do something, will ya?

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