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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blood, sweat AND leather? Hell yeah!

My story came from an inspiration from earlier in my life. I had had an infatuation for a man I had wanted to pursue for a relationship but was rejected because he felt I was too young for his tastes. I had thought that youth was always a plus when meeting other men so I was taken back a step toward introspection about age being a barrier in a relationship. It reminded me of the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I decided a couple of years ago to write a story about eternal youth and wisdom, combining it with mercy killing at the hands of benevolent vampires feeding on the homeless and ill, who are doomed to slow death. In my book, the vampires are the brethren of the living dead. Gabriel Tivoli is a man, one of the living dead, who reappears in Damien’s later life after he had rejected him for being too young several years before. But Damien Lieberman is obsessively trying to regain his youth, and still in love with his former boyfriend David Wilder. Gabriel offers Damien eternal youth, life and love. Damien’s decision is complicated by his indecision over David. This story is about the power and strength of love between two men who have compassion for those who are unfortunately destined for a miserable, painful path toward death. Damien’s compassion runs too deep for other men who he wants to bring into the brethren of the living dead. He jeopardizes not only his own life but that of Gabriel’s until he makes the solemn vow to love only Gabriel. I wanted to express how gay men dwell on youth and search for love yet find ways to appreciate the lives of people who have life threatening hardships and want to help them as much as they can.

Damien Liebermann has failed at love continuously, even after attempting to resurrect his latest relationship with David Wilder. He despises his aging appearance, gray hair on his chest, sideburns and mustache. Despite the spread of a new incurable disease, AIDS, he tries to move on, searching for a new man to love. He has moved back to his parent’s house after they were killed in an automobile accident. But Gabriel Tivoli, a man he pursued several years before, appears magically, walking on the top of the fence and jumping to the deck next to Damien. Gabriel’s appears young compared to Damien’s, despite their same age. During a powerful storm, Gabriel promises to restore Damien’s youthful appearance and give him eternal love. Infatuated with Gabriel again and the magic surrounding him, Damien fails to recognize Gabriel’s paranormal powers, when he comes through his window and bites him on his neck, indulging in a taste of his blood. Can he trust a man who rejected him before? And why does Gabriel disappear before dawn every day?  Why does he have to meet Gabriel in the nearby cemetery at midnight on Halloween, especially at the peak of the dangerous storm raging outside?

Damien fell limp in his hold, feeling Gabriel’s stiff cock through his leather pants. He wedged his tongue through Gabriel’s pursed lips.
Gabriel bit his tongue then sucked it into his mouth, tasting his blood, content… temporarily.
“Ouch! That hurt.” Damien withdrew.
“I’m sorry. I hunger for you. Until tomorrow night.” Gabriel jumped off the deck, almost flying, and disappeared.
“But there is a typhoon approaching.” Damien warned, but only the howling winds responded. “How do you fly through the air like that?”
Without an answer, he turned around. The lights illuminated the house once again. The power was back. He felt exhausted and returned to bed. Sleeping alone again. He fantasized about David, and then Gabriel, as the wind blew.

Damien’s thoughts took him back to that early morning in 1980 when he’d been out drinking and dancing with friends at the after-hours disco, Trucadero.  Damien had called Gabriel from the Balcony Bar. The local dive was crowded with men who partied all night, drinking cocktails. He studied every man. They appeared to be zombies, their mouths frozen in silence, eyes checking out the meat rack for prospective masculine mates. Feeling lost in a sinking ship, Damien desperately called Gabriel. There was no answer. That was the night he’d thought he lost Gabriel forever.

A gust of wind blew the shutters open in his bedroom, but Damien was too preoccupied with visions of Gabriel. He pictured him like he had seen him years before and again just now.
He was unaware that Gabriel lurked outside the window, withholding his thirst and desires, scheming for a moment to taste the man from his past. Gabriel removed a snuffbox from his leather trouser pocket. Upon opening the lid, he inhaled a powdered substance, held his breath momentarily, and then exhaled a fragrant cloud of smoke into the bedroom. As it settled upon Damien, Gabriel waited for that sign of hypnotized sleep to overtake his friend. Gabriel couldn’t hold back any longer as the smoke continued to settle down upon Damien. Gabriel climbed quietly through the window. He sat beside Damien, his nude body spread out on the bed without covers. He wanted him that moment more than ever. He inspected the man he’d rejected years before. He was older but retained the flavor that attracted him when they first met, a child-like innocence, asking questions honestly and blurting out his observations with no regret. He continued admiring him, a strong hunger building inside, a fire that scorched his heart, causing him to love this man forever. Leaning over his head, his hand reaching for Damien’s limp dick, he opened his mouth, gently biting him on the neck. Initially gorging on his human blood and then slowly sucking, his hand ceased massaging his now rock hard erection. Gabriel released his neck. I don’t want to kill him. He pressed the wound with his lips until it barely trickled. I want to suck your cock, but I’m afraid I might wake you. You may have powers I’m unaware of. Could I trust you after the past several years, suffering from other men’s rejections? And there’s still David. After kissing the wound on Damien’s neck, he vanished through the window, hoping his friend would meet him in the cemetery later the next night to consummate their mutual attraction.

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  1. Love the post and the book! It was a good read. Very visually stimulating with a slightly different take on immortality.

  2. What a great post!! It was a wonderful, insightful read and I wrote a review about it!! Have a quickie read:

    Gripping and Compelling ~ A Must Read
    By Muffy WIlson on April 18, 2015
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

    This book is a bit of a departure for the author, and a fabulous one here. It is a strong story about an aging man, whose parents have left him a home in the San Francisco suburbs. He reflects on his life, and loves and the one that got away. He wonders if, after his betrayal of infidelity, his former lover will take him back. His struggle is paralleled by a horrific storm approaching The City, so the violent threatening storm, the ebbs and swells mark the struggle within him about the other option just revealed to him. Should he plead for forgiveness, vow fidelity, and throw himself on the mercy of his former love or opt for eternal life and pixie youth? The author has an incredible way of pitting himself against himself in declarative, artistic, descriptive and fluid detail I found gripping and compelling. Put aside what ever you are doing for the weekend and indulge yourself in this moving introspection. This is a wonderful read and an outstanding cover that grabbed me the moment I saw it! I am so looking forward to more from this creative and talented story-telling wordsmith.