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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Me, myself and my vampire

When I started writing gay romance with an erotic edge I couldn’t think of characters better than a mix of gorgeous vampires and naïve but willing mortals. “My Vampire and I” started out as a short story but soon became a full length novel, and over time an eight part series. It was #1 on Amazon for several weeks and has been my bestselling novel over the years since its release.
I followed it up with My Vampire Lover, Duet in Blood, Blood Resurrection, Bound in Blood, Blood Lure, Blood Lust, and Blood Talisman, all of which were well received. In addition I have written some stand-alone vampire novellas, Halloween Angel, Blood Relations, Night Wing, Highland Vampire Vengeance and my latest release, The Vampire and the P.I.
Here is the blurb for My Vampire and I:

When young Roger Folsom attends a costume party thrown by friends for his twenty-fourth birthday he is immediately captivated by Marcus Verano, a handsome stranger masquerading as a vampire—except Marcus is the real thing. Spirited away to the vampire's mansion, Roger is introduced to a new life of unabashed luxury, fascinating stories—and hot sex. Everything is going just fine for Roger, until his new lover's old enemies show up seeking revenge—and Roger's blood.
Determined to save one another from the gruesome deaths planned for them, they embark on an adventure that takes them from the weirdness of West Hollywood to the wildness of a vampire's castle in the hills of Rome. Roger will be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice to remain a part of Marcus’ existence. Can love survive even death?
Excerpt: (edited)
Many years ago...
He lies in the vast, cold mausoleum that has been his resting place for hundreds of years... Marcus Lucius Verano, vampire. Time has neither ravaged his countenance nor his body. His pale, chiseled face is unlined; his black hair shows no sign of gray. He lies as though asleep; a young man in the prime of life—strong, virile, handsome... and deadly. Deadly, that is, to those who have sought to destroy him, and there have been few who’ve dared. Among those who love and admire him, he is renowned for his powers, his strength, his intelligence, and his beauty.
He has loved completely but once, and that love was taken from him in a heinous fashion—by one he will never forget, nor forgive, no matter how many centuries pass. In his death-like sleep, he dreams, not of revenge, but of redemption in the arms of one who would love him as no other ever has. He has a vision of such a one... but he must wait, for this one has not yet been born. Still, the face in his vision becomes tantalizingly clear to Marcus in his repose—young, fresh-faced, with golden hair, and laughing blue eyes, he moves through the vampire’s netherworld with a confidence born of unsullied youth.
The vampire awakes and rises from his bed of marble. As he strides from the mausoleum into the darkness of the night, the vision haunts him and will continue to do so for many years to come. But now he hungers for the lifeblood that will sustain him, and so he pushes from his mind all thoughts that would distract him from the hunt. His eyes scan the darkened streets; he waits and is rewarded by the sound of footsteps and a voice tipsily singing an old drinking song. He smiles and steps out in front of the man who looks up at him without fear. The vampire’s green eyes hold his in a calm and steady spell. He inclines his head slightly. “Good evening...”
“And to you, sir. Can I be of service?”
“You can indeed, sir... I need but a little of your blood...”
West Hollywood: Present day.
Roger’s Birthday Party

Strange, isn’t it? One minute you’re surrounded by all your friends, yakking up a storm, then suddenly, as if by magic, everyone drifts off, and you’re left to sip your drink alone and stare vacantly around the room. Later, I discovered it was a kind of magic. Because, it was then that I saw him, standing outside on the patio, his eyes fixed on me, unwavering, unapologetic. Hot! He was my age or maybe just a couple of years older. Tall, dark—and gorgeous.
Why’s he out there? I wondered. Oh, maybe he’s a smoker… yuck. No sign of a cigarette though. As if propelled by some unseen force, almost as if someone had given me a good shove, I started walking towards him.  He was dressed in black, as befits a vampire.
It really was a very good costume—not at all cheap. Excellent cut on the tux—and the cape looked like heavy silk, fastened at his throat by a gold chain. The face above the chain was to die for—pale and interesting, I think my grandmother used to say.
Thick, black curly hair framed a face that was a lot more than merely interesting. If I said his skin was incandescent, it wouldn’t be enough. If I told you his eyes were like dark green emeralds, I wouldn’t be lying, just not saying enough. As for his mouth—wide, generous, full—it was all of those, yet to say that isn’t enough either. Even now, I can’t find the words to describe his beauty. His very real, dark beauty.
 For what seemed an eternity, we stared at one another, neither of us moving—just staring at one another, still and silent.
Then he smiled, showing perfect white teeth. “Good eeevening,” he said, his pearly whites almost glowing in the darkened patio.
Oh, he’s good, I thought—a great Lugosi impersonation.
“Hey…” I returned his smile with one I hoped was as enticing as his. “Why don’t you come on in… join the party?”
And, in an instant, he was by my side. I blinked into his green cat-like eyes, dizzied by his presence and intoxicated by the faintly exotic scent he exuded.
“How… how did you do that?” I stammered.
“Do what?” he purred, his voice low and husky.
“You… you didn’t walk in. You just were here. First you were out there. Then you were standing here, next to me…”
“Next to you. Where I belong.” He raised his glass, one I hadn’t seen until then, and clinked it gently against mine. “Happy Birthday, Roger. May I give you a kiss for your birthday?”
“Huh? A kiss…?” I was acting like some dumb, stage-struck queen. I looked up into his eyes. I had to look up—he was a good six two to my more modest, but compact, five ten. “Jeez, I’m sorry. You must think I’m some kind of hick.”
“Was that a yes?”
“Y… yes.”
He leaned forward and took my lips with his own. It was a gentle kiss at first. Just the meeting of flesh on flesh; soft, warm, full flesh, taking control of all my senses.
Oh my God, stop, please stop! I screamed in my mind as the make believe vampire kissed me. Stop, or I’ll make a fool of myself right here in the middle of this room. I’ll toss this glass away, the one I’m practically crushing to pieces in my hand right now. I’ll just throw it away, hold you in my arms, press my body to yours, rip that Armani tux of your hot body and let you fuck me right here in front of all these people. Yes, I will… yes I…”
He stepped back, his lips forming that perfect smile again.
“What happened?” I gasped.
“I kissed you.”
“I know… but it felt like so much more.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Would you care to step outside? It’s a little stuffy in here, don’t you think?”
Whatever and wherever, I thought, letting him steer me towards the patio door. Anywhere you want to go is just fine with me.

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  1. Thanks for letting me on your blog today! I hope the guys who read this will want to explore the vampire genre further - let's face it - they don't come any sexier - and they can fly!